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Saturday, September 11, 2010

How's That Trend Working for You Now, Kristi Noem?

The morning funny comes straight from the Kristi for Congress website, as old text and inattentive embedding make for giggle-worthy Newspeak. Back in July, Noem looked at bascially two Rasmussen polls and concluded there was "a great trend in the House race. Kristi has the momentum. Keep it up!"

Beneath that text, Team Kristi embedded the Talking Points Memo Poll Tracker for South Dakota's U.S. House race. That poll tracker automaticaly updates, which, with yesterday's poll results, now produces this emblematic juxtaposition of Kristi's words with reality (click to enlarge):

Kids, do not use Noem's definition of momentum (or up) on your physics quiz. Tee hee!

Worth noting: TPM's latest PollTracker includes the Anzalone-Liszt poll, which is at least as open to accusations of Dem bias as the new Rasmussen numbers are to Republican bias. Also worth noting: When the DCCC poll includes Marking, SHS stays steady at 50%, while Noem loses 2%.

1 comment:

  1. When I saw that pair of continuous curves, I wondered how often the data was sampled. When I enlarged the image, I saw the actual data points (lightly shaded, colors barely distinguishable).

    While the two graphs obviously represent the result of "curve fitting" among the points, the points themselves paint a far grimmer picture for Kristi: she has lost 10 full points in the past month. I doubt that the trend will continue; I think that the drop represents immediate damage caused by revelation of the fact that she failed to obey a summons to a court of law. (Or was it two?)

    This apparent law-flouting -- to the point of arrest warrants -- is serious business, and it has me thinking twice. Must I choose in November between the lesser of two evils? I'm thinking about abstention on this ballot item.

    My advice to those who want Kristi Noem as our state representative: You had better come out and vote in force!


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