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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Noem "Bought and Paid for" by Republican Leadership

I keep telling Pat not to start a fight he can't win. But does he listen? Of course not.

Dakota War College's latest meme to soothe the crumbling hopes of Noem supporters: beat the Pelosi drum again. He claims that Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is "bought and paid for" by $35K in campaign contributions from Speaker Pelosi.

Hmm... Democratic Speaker supports Democratic candidate. Dog bites man.

But o.k., let's see who has "bought and paid for" Republican challenger Kristi Noem:
  • Small potatoes, but notable: Common Sense Issues PAC sends Noem $250. CSI PAC's donations this year are strictly Tea Party, with equal donations to teabagger delights J.D. Hayworth in Arizona and Marc Rubio in Florida.
  • Bigger potatotes: National Republican Congressional Committee chair and Texas Rep. Pete Sessions has bought a $5000 share in Noem through his PETE PAC.
  • GOP Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan has bought another $5000 chunk of Noem through his CAMPAC.
  • So has GOP House leader Eric Cantor, through ERIC PAC.
  • So has Senator Thune, through his Heartland Values PAC. The "Friends of John Thune" have kicked in another $2000.
Expect more to come as the campaign hits full swing. Watch those "paid for" tags on the ads that will fill the airwaves for the next eight weeks. Kristi Noem is an empty suit, to be filled with the cash and corporate talking points of her big GOP minders.


  1. The thing you liberals don't get about this whole thing (or maybe you do, and just don't have anything else) is that most of Noem's financial supporters reflect South Dakota values...while Herseth's financial supporters (e.g. Nancy Pelosi) reflect liberal San Francisco-type values.

    So go ahead: keep reminding folks that Noem's supporters have the same kind of values as most South Dakotans.

  2. I was hoping you'd say that, Bob:

    South Dakota values? Let's see... Eric Cantor votes against eliminating tax loopholes that encourage companies to move overseas. He votes against protection for oil and gas workers who blow the whistle on dangerous business practices. He votes against Herseth Sandlin's Tribal Law and Order Act which provides strogner law enforcement on the rez and better protection of Native women from rape and assault.

    Tax breaks for corporate pirates, punishment for workers, more Indian women raped—those are the "South Dakota values" you and Kristi defend, Bob?

  3. David Newquist takes SDWC to task for Pat's resorting to Ellisian sliming tactics. Has anyone noticed that Mr. Powers' click numbers have plummeted?


  4. You mean sticking companies with more taxes to "encourage" them to move overseas? Typical Orwellian liberal logic.

    You mean the "let's create a new 'right to sue'" for any frivolous reason" act, when whistleblower protections area already in place? Sorry, most Americans and South Dakotans don't loath the free market as much as you liberals do, and have no desire to stick it to them for socialist reasons or out of simple revenge because someone got fired for not doing their job.

    As for that Tribal Law and Order Act, I'm not sure what protecting women from rape and assault has to do with protecting Indian arts and crafts, but I suspect about as much as the claim that Native law enforcement can do nothing right now. Such crimes area already illegal, and I've not heart that perpetrators are not being prosecuted because there aren't enough police to catch the criminals. As for prevention, it doesn't take a whole lot to get the message across that rape and assault are wrong, that they are crimes, and that perpetrators will be prosecuted.

    So no, I don't think anti-business and feel-good legislation that really does little to improve things are what South Dakotans are interested in.

    And I'm pretty sure they aren't interested in perpetuating many of the things Herseth Sandlin and Pelosi have voted for, e.g. wasting taxpayer dollars to fund the destruction of innocent human life in unfruitful lines of research when adult stem cell research has already produced dozens of helpful therapies; more environmental regulations; taking away the right to a secret ballot by union members; expanding unconstitutional government health care programs; providing special protections to homosexuals and prosecuting people who have moral reservations about homosexual acts; passing a trillion-dollar porkulus spending bill that wastes money we don't have on things that do nothing to help the economy, and so on.

    Yes, it's obvious Herseth Sandlin and Peloso don't reflect South Dakota values, while Kristi Noem and others around the country like Ric Cantor do.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sorry, that last line should have said "Eric Cantor" not "Ric Cantor;" don't know what went wrong there.


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