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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Noem Lobbyist Smokescreen Clouds Own Positions

GOP candidate for South Dakota's lone U.S. House seat Kristi Noem lobs another publicity stunt. Talking process and personalities instead of practical problem-solving (as usual), Noem trumpets her opposition to spouses of representatives lobbying in Congress.

This stunt is funny on various levels:
  1. The glossy three-fold flyer Noem sent me says she believes "the best government is the government that governs least." (Leave it to Kristi to give Thoreau such an unartful, clunky paraphrasing.) But this new noisy campaign "issue" is a call for more government and more restriction of First Amendment rights. On the profound policy issues of the day, Noem apparently doesn't want government to assume any obligation, either because she believes in Hoover-style Social Darwinism or because she simply can't wrap her brain around such hard problems. But on process non-issues that make easy-to-remember sound bites, Noem is all for more rules and regulations.
  2. As I review PP's mail box, I don't see any explanation from Noem as to whether she will apply this rule to herself and forbid her husband and partner in Noem Insurance DBA from lobbying her on any legislation concerning insurance regulation. Would Noem extend this rule to forbid her restaurateur mother from lobbying her on food safety regulations?
  3. Also missing from Noem's call to arms: a ban on lobbyists themselves becoming members of Congress. (Cue wise guy in back of room to sneeze Aaah-Thune!)
Really, Ms. Noem. You need to stop make Democratic blogging so easy. More importantly, you need to offer some specific solutions for the real problems facing South Dakota. If you think sending Max Sandlin to the quiet corner will put more South Dakotans to work, pave any roads, or expand access to health care, you are sorely mistaken.
Coming up next: Noem's big NRA fail!


  1. This from the guy who thought speeding tickets were signficant.

  2. Oh, Troy. Savor John Thune's iconographicity while you still can.

    Warrants for failure to appear ARE significant. Creating doubt...priceless.

    Schmoink her, Cory.

  3. Troy, a speeding ticket isn't too big a deal. 20 speeding tickets approaches a big deal. Six Failures to appear in court and two arrest warrants is a big deal. Having the arrogance to justify your lawbreaking as just being in a hurry to get things done is also a big deal.

  4. Troy, don't you think Noem's record of blowing off traffic tickets is significant?


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