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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poll Reminder: Will Noem's Court-Dodging Hurt Nov. 2?

There's just a half-day left in the latest Madville Times poll: "What effect* will Kristi Noem's criminal record have on her standing with South Dakota voters?" Vote now in the right sidebar! The poll stays open until breakfast time tomorrow, so tell your friends, and vote now!

*effect: Yes, I botched the spelling in the original poll. Effect is the noun, meaning a result or impact. Affect is the verb meaning to influence, alter, change. I apologize for the error. I'd correct it, but Blogger polls lock the settings once a vote has been cast... which is actually a good idea!


  1. Cory,

    Based on the early results, this looks like it will have a major negative effect.

    So, when Noem wins 55-45%, will it make you wonder what the outcome would have been? Think it could have been 70-30%.

  2. Oh, check that math, Troy. Best Rasmussen showing shows Kristi up by what, 52-41? I had hiring Josh Shields from the Curd flop knocking five points off Noem's total. SHS opening up a can of whoop-ass on Noem's support Paul Ryan's budget (privatizing Social Security and Medicare) scares another five points into SHS's column. Out of the blue we learn Noem is Janklow in training. I'll hold back from your 15-point ding and suggest Noem's court record gives SHS five more points. The last month has brought no new positives from Noem. SHS goes up 56-37. Split the undecideds, it could be 60-40 for SHS.


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