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Monday, September 20, 2010

South Dakota Posts 4th Best Q2 Personal Income Growth

I don't feel much richer, but someone in South Dakota must be making money. The latest report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows that South Dakota had the fourth-highest rate of growth in personal income during the second quarter of 2010. Personal income growth across all states rose 1.0%; South Dakota's personal income grew 1.4% over Q1, thanks largely to increases in the farm sector. The three states beating us: third-place Texas, second-place Montana (nice work, Larry!), and (trumpets!) first-place North Dakota. Our income-taxing socialist neighbors to the north posted 2.0% personal income growth.

No report from the Noem camp on how this data squares with a "jobless stimulus."


  1. If it ain't broke, we don't need to fix it, eh?

  2. These surveys, including the state unemployment, must bypass Indian country.

  3. Stan, indeed, we must be doing something right. But give me time: I'll find something that still needs fixing!

    Thad, either that, or some rich guys on Lake Madison and Dakota Dunes must be making enough to make up for reservation poverty (have you seen some of those golf course houses? uff da!).

  4. Montana just had a big spike in Democrats. Just blasted out the lastest round of emails shopping Lead to ice climbers. Two responses instead of none this year. Will keep you apprised.

  5. Hey Larry:

    I live in Lead. Just read a news story to the effect that our city budget looks fine. Been a member of the Lead YMCA (now the Northern Hills Family Recreation Center) since I moved here in 2004; their outlook has improved in recent months.

    Does Mike Stahl, the Lead city manager, know about your ice climbing idea? Sounds like a winner to me -- along with "mile high training" for athletes. We have an NCAA standard size swimming pool, hiking/biking trails, ski slopes -- the works.

    In the long term, the economic outlook for the Black Hills is great (in my opinion); it remains relatively unspoiled, and gentrification has not crept into much of the area (with a couple of compact exceptions that will jump out at anyone who passes by on I-90).

    I would hate to see this region become so hungry for "growth" that socioeconomic cancer ensues, as has taken place in some other locales.

    And Cory:

    More on topic, I looked at the map to which you linked. Based on my knowledge of state taxation, it appears that state-level economic well-being of late has little if any correlation to state taxes. However, geography seems to play a role: The midsection of the country has an advantage of some sort. I suspect it might be a general fiscal conservatism on the part of the populace, a reluctance to take on too much personal debt, and a certain attitude of "Never say die."

    We sure have that attitude here in Lead.

  6. Stan, 20 years ago Lead was a Democratic stronghold, albeit largely socially conservative, with deep union ties.

    That ratio has transmogrified into a mostly apathetic service sector beaten down by the daily grind with a large appetite for hedonistic excess weaving through a lingering aging, mostly Republican but with smoldering pockets Democratic radicalism, hippie/biker faction, my old friends, who love the Hills, but have splintered over the addition of people of color to the local workforce. Many leave in the winter.

    There are many, many really old people in retirement facilities and assisted living and new lone eagles like yourself.

    Lead has potential but lowering the median age is essential to its growth. Republican enclaves do not tend to attract young smart people.

    You should also know that I have my eye on several historic properties in Lead before they become victims to more Republican Earth-scorching.

    Did I mention that my disgust for South Dakota gets in the way of my own vision for Lead?


  7. Stan, I'm with you on the suggestion that tax policy correlates with ncome growth much less than geography and culture.

    Larry, I can't fix your disgust, but I also can't fix my own obsession with continuing to try to fix it!


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