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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vote Now in Lake County Sheriff Poll!

My readers have been itching for a poll on the Lake County Sheriff's race. I'm happy to oblige. Vote here in the right sidebar for the man you think would best serve the people of Lake County as chief law enforcement officer:
  • Madison city patrolman Jason R. Lurz
  • Madison city patrolman Dan Wyatt
  • Incumbent two-term sheriff Roger C. Hartman.
This race could be more heated than one might expect from a local sheriff's race. Patrolman Wyatt has already demonstrated his willingness to criticize the incumbent sheriff in pretty direct terms. Patrolman Lurz is less direct, but his clear expectations of the sheriff's office suggest he sees something lacking in the current regime. And a potential race-shaker: the rift exposed between the police and fire departments by the DUI arrest of on-duty fireman Scott Johnson. If there is a candidate's forum for the sheriff's race, expect awkward but necessary question #1 to be, "Suppose you see a local volunteer fireman drinking to excess. At what point do you intervene?" (Candidates, feel free to respond now!)

The sheriff's poll will stay open until Tuesday, September 28, at 11:59 p.m. So tell your friends, and vote now!

1 comment:

  1. This race should only be about two candidates only, Jason Lurz and Dan Wyatt. After all, Roger Hartman is already retired, collecting his state retirement while he also collects full salary from Lake County taxpayers. He also said he wouldn't run again.

    I think back to December of last year when there was such a public uproar about our area school superintendents retiring and immediately rehiring, allowing them to collect retirement benefits while keeping their full salary jobs. It's called double-dipping. Several people said they were upset by that process. None of you got to vote on that issue, but all of us get to vote in November on the Sheriff's race.

    Roger Hartman is a good person, but after 23 years, we need to give the next generation an opportunity to serve. Four years ago, in 2006, he stated publicly that he would not run again (Madison Daily Leader). He said it was his last term.

    The choice is tough, but I'll be voting for Jason Lurz. His father was a good Sheriff for Lake County and I feel Jason will also serve us well.


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