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Friday, October 15, 2010

Change and Food: Disconnect Between Daugaard/GOP Words and Actions

Here are a couple images to give my Republican firends heartburn. First, my Dem friends forward me a fun juxtaposition from the big Black Hills Pow Wow last weekend:
Daugaard for Change?The big banner over the Pennington GOP's table says it's "Time for a Change." Right next to that rallying cry, a picture of Dennis Daugaard, the current Republican Lieutenant Governor and candidate for governor who would continue the policies of the last eight years and the general Republican domination of Pierre over the last century. Hmm... seems to me that voting for change in South Dakota means voting for a lot more Democrats than Republicans.

But hey, at least the Republicans are just being illogical and not doing something really awful, like giving voters lunch, right?

SDGOP offers free food for Daugaard and Noem votersOops. This image comes from the SDGOP, via Dakota Voice.
Daugaard Gives Voters Free Soup in Hot Springs...and this screen cap comes from Daugaard's own website, reminding us of the free soup suppers he hosted during the primary.

Subtext to the bogus process issue Republicans are trying to manufacture: feeding Indians who vote for Democrats should be against the law. But feeding nice civilized South Dakotans who vote the right way is perfectly acceptable.


  1. How can so-called "christians" bear so much false witness and keep straight faces?


  2. CH: A key distinction you ignore is the fact that the GOP did not provide transportation for those with newly filled bellies straight to the polling places. The Republican events you highlight are after polling hours. That isn't the rub with state law - it is the nexus between feeding and voting. You can't tell me - with a straight face - there isn't a difference.

  3. Are rides to the polls in general also verboten inducements? (my face remains straight)


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