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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heidepriem Cites Keystone Leaks; Daugaard Digs Dollars Über Alles

Jon Walker wrote up our gubernatorial candidates' views on energy in that Sioux Falls paper Monday. Among other important issues, Walker asked the candidates whether they support TransCanada's Keystone pipelines.

Democrat Scott Heidepriem, who represented South Dakota landowners in their fight against TransCanada's eminent domain effort, hits all the right notes—not just green notes, but red-blooded South Dakotan notes:

Heidepriem: I can't argue it's a good thing particularly from the three leaks. Land was disrupted. It took a lot of fertile farm ground with almost no jobs created. They used a heavy hand to do that with eminent domain. That's not being a good corporate citizen. There should be no incentive on contractor excise and sales tax. Why does South Dakota feel the need to hemorrhage citizen tax dollars? [quoted by Jon Walker, "On Energy, Candidates for Governor Vow to Be Strong Voice," sidebar, that Sioux Falls paper, 2010.10.04]

Hey, Scott! Where'd you first read about those three leaks? Oh yeah....

Republican Dennis Daugaard apparently isn't worried about oil leaks, continued addiction to dirty fuel, weak job production, tax refunds for foreign oil corporations, or violations of South Dakotans' property rights. He thinks those property tax dollars make everything hunky-dory:

Daugaard: It's good. It allows us to reduce our dependency on oil from unfriendly nations. Most landowners I've spoken with are happy to have the pipe under their property. ... They still pay us $25 million a year in property taxes [quoted by Walker, 2010].

Pay close attention, fellow voters: the Republican here is saying something is great because it pumps more money into the government coffers, while the Democrat is speaking up for individual property rights instead of tax breaks for foreigners.

Does anyone else smell irony there?

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