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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

KJAM Offers Video Interviews with District 8 Candidates

Hey! KJAM Radio is going all TV on us! Our local radio station is putting candidate interviews up on their YouTube channel. Right now, they have interviews with three of our District 8 legislative candidates: incumbent Democrats Mitch Fargen and Gerry Lange and Independent challenger Jason Bjorklund. (Patricia Stricherz, get down to the radio station and record yours!)

The Fargen and Bjorklund interviews are just audio with a nice picture, but Lange gets full video. (Hey, Matt G., nice job walking into the shot!)

Give these interviews a listen—you can bet I will... with commentary to come!

Gerry Lange on KJAM:

Mitch Fargen on KJAM:

Jason Bjorklund on KJAM:

Update 2010.10.14: KJAM has now added Patricia Stricherz:


  1. We're on a learning curve with this video thing. We, meaning I may have it figured out. Matt also did a fantastic job of dubbing the audio in for Gerry, since the video didn't have audio.

  2. I did, I did! Just waiting for it to be posted! Thought it would be up today.......like the anticipation? Good things come to those who wait! LOL :)



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