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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Horsey Picture for Next Noem Ad

Just horsin' around: expect this photo to run in the next ad for equine-obsessed Congressional candidate Kristi Noem:
Vote for Kristi Noem
She likes horses, just like the Founding Fathers

That's not really Kristi. That's Vancouver BC singer Hannah Georgas. I heard her for the first time on CKUA today. Worth a listen!


  1. Good try Cory! Don't think Kristi would be caught dead in those socks! And her horses are the real deal, nothing pretend about her :)

  2. What? Those socks are great! They'd also provide nice cushion for high riding boots.

  3. Ok...so I meant I wouldn't get caught dead in those socks. However........they would make a nice addition to a halloween costume, that is if I acknowledged halloween.

  4. Speaking of Halloween, Christine O'Donnell is flying in on her broom to give Kristi Noem a lift here and there. No speeding tickets for flying brooms.

  5. [By the way, both anons above are Patricia Stricherz, D-8 house candidate. Will taste in socks become a voting issue? ;-) ]

  6. Vote Stricherz....she'll never be caught wearing ugly socks! LOL
    Yes, District 8 voters I have a sense of humor and never miss an opportunity to exhibit it.
    by the way...my first piece of legislation will be to pass a law prohibiting the public wearing of ugly socks, except for Cory who will be mandated to wear these red and white beauties! just kidding!

  7. Whatever happened to the Second Amendment? Sounds like PS is proposing a Sock-End Amendment. ;-)

  8. Sie hat schöne Beine.


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