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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Noem Is Texas Tea Party Candidate

Kristi Noem must have made some friends when she flew to Texas to film her campaign ads: The Llano Tea Party of Llano County, Texas, buys the following ad for South Dakota's Tea Party House candidate on page four of Friday's edition of that Sioux Falls paper:
Texas Tea Party ad for Noem"We Texans," say the Llano teabaggers, presuming to speak for all Texans, "believe that the U.S. Congress would be far better off with a principled, conservative woman who has true grit." Translated from Texan, that means, "She likes horseys, so we like her."

A look at the Llano Tea Party's other endorsements tells us even more about why our distant Texas friends like her. The Llanoians (Llanolians? Llanites? Llanoems?) think Kristi Noem will vote just like radical teabagger favorites Joe Miller, Marco Rubio, Sharron Angle, Michele Bachmann (we know where that comparison leads), and witch-awareness director Christine O'Donnell.

The Llano Tea Party also lies—yes, lies—by saying that the NRA endorses Noem. Maybe they were just victims of Miss-Representative Noem's tricky ads, since as we all know, the NRA endorses Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

But false statements aside, thank you, Llano, for your concern about South Dakota politics. And thank you for confirming that Kristi Noem is the radical Tea Party candidate. Remind me... how'd that work out for Gordon Howie?


  1. Do you think that Ms. Noem will correct this group on the NRA endorsement? Or do you think she will let the deception stand? The tea party talks a lot about honesty. Really? Is this what thier talking about or is this just the same old politics of whatever it takes to win? whatever it takes to win turns into whatever it takes to stay in power.
    Do I agree with SHS all the time? No I don't , I think she votes like a Republican a lot of the time, but the State that she represents has many Republicans in it and her votes reflect that and I concede that in a State that has just one seat in the house that it is important for that seat to reflect the State as a whole.If I were an independent voter I would be considering whether Ms. Noem's votes in Congress would reflect South Dakota as a whole or would they reflect The Republican party line. I think this is a legitimate concern when both candidates record is taken into consideration.
    On the other hand, maybe an out of state endorsement is just what Noem needs to put her over the top. :-}

  2. @Barry Smith -
    There's no doubt in my mind that she will let that lie stand. She practically made it herself in her recent mailers.

  3. "The Llanoians (Llanolians? Llanites? Llanoems?) think Kristi Noem will vote just like radical teabagger favorites ..."

    The Madisonians (Madisonites? Maddites? Madpeople?) think ... (fill in the blank)

    The residents of Lead (Leadites? Leadheads? Leaders?) think ... (fill in the blank)

    When we generalize about the people of a country state, town, race, religion, or political party, we get ... (fill in the blank)

    I'm going to take the survey (below) to see how my views compare with those of the existing candidates. I'll let you know what happens.


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