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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Noem Says She'd Cut Budget By Cutting... Cuts?

Anyone else catch the SDPB Congressional candidates debate last night? GOP candidate candidate Kristi Noem once again demonstrated that she doesn't listen to the questions posed, only to the talking-point echoes pumped into her head.

The first question asked the candidates to cite specific cuts they would consider to get the federal budget under control. Both Noem and Democrat Stephanie Herseth Sandlin opened with the usual empty fluff—very good question, thank you SDPB, blah blah. However, about 30 seconds in, Herseth Sandlin launched into a good bullet list of specific budget line items she would go after.

Noem, however, launched into her programmed screed on repealing health insurance reform. Noem said we need to cut health insurance reform because it raises taxes and cuts spending in various health care programs.

Reread that: asked what programs she would cut from the budget, Kristi Noem says she would repeal a law that makes cuts in the budget. Essentially, she just said, "I'd cut the budget by cutting cuts."

Kristi Noem: constant nonsense.


  1. If Herseth-Sandlin has any sense, she'll run a quick ad of Noem explaining her plans for budget cuts.

  2. constant nonsense...well said, Cory!

  3. A problem with your analysis of Kristi is the fact that Health care reform does not, I repeat does not cut the budget. The CBO has come out and stated that it will actually increase the deficet by almost a trillion dollars.

    Tim Higgins

  4. But that's not what Kristi said. Why do Krisit's boosters have to keep putting words in her mouth? Can't I just take the words the candidate herself says without having to ask for translations from my sensible readers?

  5. And I don't know, Tim: I've read repealing the whole bill and specifically its cost controls would make the deficit worse. Do your CBO numbers postdate Klein?


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