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Thursday, October 14, 2010

SD Iran Divestment Bill Gets Branstad's Attention

Nice to see South Dakota showing some leadership (dare I say Leder-ship?). Republican candidate for Iowa governor Terry Branstad gives South Dakota and state legislator Dan Lederman a shout-out for the Iran divestment bill our legislature passed this year and says he'd like to see Iowa pass similar legislation:

District 8 House candidate Patricia Stricherz did some useful Facebook campaigning for this bill last winter. Now if I can just get her on board with energy security legislation....

No word yet from Ahmadinejad on how he will retaliate against us perfidious prairie infidels.
Somewhat related: Stricherz is back on record opposing domestic oil barons as well. Yahoo!


  1. Why beat up Iran? China poses a threat greater to our long-term viability than itty bitty Iran.

    We become Iran's friend, we sweep the middle-east. A foothold that runs from Iraq to India.

    This Lederman bill is short sighted.

  2. China's latest oppression of Christians and their anti-Nobel propaganda and further abuses against Liu Xiabo remind me that I could roll with you on sanctions against China.

    But you raise an interesting question: if engagement with a scuzzy guy like Ahmadinejad is practical and acceptable, why not engagement with China's leaders? Does Iran have more to offer the US than China?

  3. Everyone forgets the Chinese have killed more Americans than Iran could dream of (Korean War 1950-53.)

    We make friends with Iran, peace with Israel and Palestine will follow. Those dividends will pay more than a relationship with China.

  4. I don't like going down this road, but if the Chinese have killed more Americans in recent history than the Iranians, wouldn't we realize even greater gains by keeping the Chinese on our good side and preventing them from breaking out the guns and marching on Korea again? Doesn't your thinking lead us to conclude that we should engage everyone in the great global trade machine and keep all potential enemies fat and happy with the fruits of free trade?


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