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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Federal Money Benefits Mobridge Hospital

That darned Washington, throwing money away on wasteful projects...

...like providing better and safer medical services in Mobridge:

Gov. Mike Rounds has awarded Walworth County a $309,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to facilitate hospital upgrades.

“This is really a great project for Mobridge and Walworth County,” the Governor said. “These upgrades will allow the hospital to modernize and better serve patients, both in terms of more space and increased services.”

A new addition to the hospital will be built. Renovation of existing space, along with the new addition, will add more than 17,000 square feet to the hospital. As a result, many of the hospital’s departments will be enlarged.

...The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development funds the CDBG Program, and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development administers it ["Expansion, Upgrades in Store for Mobridge Regional Hospital," South Dakota Governor's Office of Economic Development press release, 2010.11.16].

Send that pork back, right, Kristi? Let Mobridge pay for its own hospital instead of relying federal handouts, right, Republicans?

Don't you just hate it when, contrary to all the anti-government rhetoric you've been fed by the Koch brothers and the GOP, the federal government makes life tangibly better for small-town South Dakotans?


  1. Or we could abolish HUD, keep the income tax that flows to DC in South Dakota, be proactive and maintain our facilities ourselves.

  2. Now, Thad, you and I both know that South Dakota brings in more money than it puts out in federal taxes. We could never afford all those fun federal gifts on our own dime. We could cover maybe two-thirds of the cost. Where will the rest of the money come from, if not Uncle Sam?

  3. Charli Johnson11/17/2010 9:43 AM

    It's called the "new math". Kristi Noem plans to teach all of us new math where you can cut taxes, deplete revenue, still spend enormous amount on special projects including subsidized crop insurance for her husband's business, and still reduce the deficit. Everytime in the next two years when federal monies flow to SD Ms Noem needs to be called out on how the federal deficit is being handled. Thune and Noem both are doing a good job of keeping a wad of chewing tobacco on both sides of their mouth.


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