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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Liberal Blog Helps Patricia Stricherz Beat Gerry Lange?

Patricia Stricherz offers the following statement on winning a seat in Pierre with her surprise second-place finish in tonight's District 8 State House race:

Thank you all very much. Tonight, I have been given a privilege that few have been given — the privilege of accepting the voters call to service as Representative for District 8 State House. I accept it with gratitude, humility and confidence.

Finally, a word to all District 8 House Candidates. You are all great men and ran a good and respectful campaign. You stood for something you believed in, the citizens of District 8 and the state of South Dakota, and did something about it. Because of this you have my respect and admiration [Patricia Stricherz, e-mail, 2010.11.02].

That said, I can't help wondering: did the Madville Times help Republican Stricherz beat my favorite Dem and neighbor Gerry Lange? Stricherz beat Lange by 124 votes. Her strongest margin over Lange was right here in Lake County, where she outpolled him by 380 votes.

Lake County is the Madville Times' core market. Stricherz advertised here. She campaigned here in the comment section.

And now, barring a remarkable recount outcome, she's going to be my representative in Pierre. Wow. I'm serious: Representative-Elect Patricia Stricherz is the biggest surprise I've had all night.


  1. It's one of the side effects of "monetizing," I suppose. Best wishes to all the winners, in hopes they can do well by us.

  2. Congrats Patricia. Over the next two years, please make my vote for you worth it.

    My biggest surprise - Kelli Wollman is biggest vote taker for Commissioner. Congrats Kelli. Glad that you and Patricia didn't face the same state as Herseth and Heidepriem.

  3. No, the biggest surprise is your endorsed felon managed 19% of the vote.

  4. Cory . With the GOP sweeping the state I think the fact that she was the only Republican on the ticket was the biggest factor. Gerry could have (and should have) bought space on your blog.The internet needs to be used by candidates, it can no longer be ignored.

  5. JN, if your suggesting I bought my way to a win you may want to look at my campaign finance report, Brett....you got it! I won't let you down, doing so would only let myself down and since I value the votes and the voters I will work to my best ability and not take them for granted! PP...everybody loves somebody sometime! Barry, I'm a hip, high tech grandma!

    Thanks for voting!

    Representative Stricherz

  6. Wollmann and Stricherz did face the same state as Herseth and Heidepriem, Brett. I have to be honest: Wollmann did not make a very strong case for her vision for governing in the public fora I attended. She seemed to think being a commission er would just be another nice project to work on, without having done much homework to prepare for the details of the job. Yet with hardly any policy platform, she wins. That sounds very much like what happened at the state level: the majority of voters chose the inferior candidate on policy and specifics.

    PP: No, really, that was not a surprise. But go ahead, keep turning every sentence you put online into some kind of personal attack.

    Barry, party ID must have helped... but note that Stricherz succeeded in a county where Democrat Mitch Fargen won every precinct, where the GOP only fielded one candidate for the office, and where an "Independent" with more GOP backing than Stricherz got came in last. We're an idiosyncratic county.


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