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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Marking: Noem Was Worst Choice

B. Thomas Marking thinks 94% of South Dakotans made the wrong choice for Congress last week. The 6% finisher thinks the 48% who voted for Kristi Noem made a really wrong choice:

B. Thomas Marking was disappointed not only with his showing in South Dakota’s three-way U.S. House race, but also with the order of the top-two finishers.

“I think that was probably the third-best choice,” Marking said this week of the winner, Kristi Noem [Tom Lawrence, "Marking: Noem Was 'Third Best' Candidate," Mitchell Daily Republic, 2010.11.11].

Alas for us bloggers, the ideologically enigmatic Marking does not elaborate on why he ranks Noem last. (Apparently Kristi's giving B-Thom top billing over Stephanie in her victory speech Election Night didn't impress him.)

Alas as well for true Indies, B.-Thom doesn't plan to build on his 6% momentum and make a run for other office any time soon. He says his experience and focus is national, so local or state office is out. And he found running a $10,000 campaign against million-dollar war chests futile, so he won't throw in for national office until campaign finance reform brings public funding.


  1. Well, as a colleague who is usually quite circumspect put it, we now have a matched set: Sen. Numbnuts and Rep. Noemskull. I would never descend to repeating such remarks, of course--unless they are funny. And right now, funny is all we have.


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