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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Noem's First Big Post-Election Lie: "I Read All the Bill"

Congresswoman-Elect Kristi Noem transitions smoothly from lying to win the election to lying after the election. In a discussion about repealing or at least defunding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to take away numerous benefits from South Dakotans, Noem tells this whopper to Jon Walker:

Noem said she read the 2,700-page bill online during her campaign earlier this year.

"I read all the bill. It took me forever," she said [Jon Walker, "Noem Expects House to Starve Health Reform Bill," That Sioux Falls paper, 2010.11.07].

Bull. Noem couldn't even focus long enough to read the seven-page Tony Dean Cheyenne River Valley Conservation Act before parroting Senator Thune's opposition to the national grassland proposal.

Kristi Noem did not spend her summer reading every page of the health care bill. She hasn't read anything more substantial than the talking points sent by her GOP puppeteers.


  1. Is this the same Walker with the blog that advocates the assassination of President Obama and others with which he does not agree? Is Kristi boinking him, too?

  2. Phil Johnson11/07/2010 8:24 AM

    Very interesting. This means she must have read the "Climate Change Caused by Astrology Resolution" [HCR 1009] before she voted to pass it. Did she understand it? It was only one page.


  3. Somebody should maybe give her a pop quiz.


    (LOL, natty dreads, mon.)

  4. The "read the bills" meme is among the most ridiculous of those in recent circulation among right-wing yahoos. Noem may well have read the entire bill, (though I too have my doubts) but unless she is a healthcare lawyer, most of it wouldn't mean much to her. Members of Congress and their staffs have access to many hours of briefings with non-partisan professionals, committee hearings, the entire research staff of the Library of Congress, and countless personal meetings with stakeholders on important issues. It is definately possible to thoroughly understand legislation without having read every page; alternatively, you can read a bunch of legalese and come away with very little understanding. Arguing about this issue (or in the same vein, the length of bills passed by Congress) is unlikely to lead to any fruitful outcomes.

    Brett Hoffman

  5. Larry, the above Jon Walker is a reporter for that Sioux Falls paper, not the blogger from rural Moody County you're thinking of. Now behave!

    Indeed, Brett: get ready for two years of constant, brainless, accomplishment-less meme-speak.

  6. And yet South Dakotan's are smart enough to elect her for our House of Representative? That doesn't really make sense to me, I can't believe they though she was a better representative of South Dakota. What are they going to do now?

  7. Curtis Price11/08/2010 7:35 PM

    And then there were two.

  8. Sam, I don't know what other South Dakotans are going to do, but I'm going to watch very closely what Noem does in D.C. I'm also going to keep an eye out for the right Dem to take that seat back from her in 2012. Anyone else?

  9. Just how do you know she did not read the bill?

    I have read through about 600 - 700 pages. So if Kristi states she has read it, I take her on her word

    Tim Higgins

  10. I do not have proof. I did not have a webcam to follow Noem around and watch what reading material she took to bed all summer. However, if someone offered a wager and a way to verify Noem's reading status, I would bet, based on the evidence of her lack of intellectual curiosity and general intelligence, not to mention her willingness to spread lies during the campaign, that her statement about reading the entire bill, something very few Americans have done, is false.

    Perhaps we should have a national quiz on the health care bill. I bet I could beat Noem on such a quiz... and I have not read the entire thing.

  11. Maybe, just maybe you should refrain from accusing someone of lying until you can prove it.

    Tim Higgins

  12. Tim,

    Cory has a warped concept about telling the truth.

    He believes he is so much more intelligent and omniscient than others, he needs not evidence. He gets to rely upon his perception of another's intelligence and intellectual curiousity for discerning the truth on a factual matter.

    He can make rash judgment about another's character without ever meeting them.

    He can denigrate their truthfulness without evidence.

    But, he opposes such a standard ever being applied to him or those who think like him regardless of the evidence to the contrary.


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