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Sunday, November 21, 2010

On the Scene: South Dakota Counter-Protests Westboro Hatemongers

It's a cold and gray November day in Sioux Falls, but dozens of real South Dakotans are on the scene to protest the handful of whackos from Fred Phelps's "church" who've come to tell us we're all going to hell because we're not as pious (or obnoxious) as they are. Thea Miller Ryan submits this photo via Twitpic from outside First Congregational Church in Sioux Falls:

photo credit: Thea Miller Ryan, Sioux Falls, Twitpic, 2010.11.21

Remember, kids: we only win with love. Keep showing the love. Someone bring those good people some hot chocolate... and hey, maybe even offer some to our guests from Kansas.

Update: @jenimc says donations at the "Love Is Bigger Than Hate" counterprotests will benefit the AIDS Walk.

Update 16:24 CST: While KSFY features the tiny handful of Phelps cultists, KDLT gets the focus right. Pay attention to the much larger local contingent of counter-protesters, like these Sioux Falls Lincoln students who showed up to reject the message of hate.

Lincoln High students @ Love is Bigger than Hate "Anti" protest from Jonathan Barnes on Vimeo.

I'd rather go to hell with kids like these than go to a heaven filled with Westboro Baptists.


  1. Offering them hot chocolate and love would go against the instincts of even the most tolerant people, but it is probably the best insurance that they won't return to visit us with their nonsense. They seek confrontation , when they don't get it they wont come back.

  2. Counter intuitive, perhaps, but there is a precedent:

  3. Great! They did it! Bravo! I've got goosebumps, kids.


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