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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where's the Thune Buzz?

Tom Jensen summarizes 18 state-level polls on 2012 GOP presidential possibilities and finds significant enthusiasm for John Thune's potential bid... in Washington, D.C.:

The interest in a John Thune 2012 bid is pretty clearly confined to inside the Beltway—he averaged less than 1% across these 18 polls. He never got a level of support higher than 2% and the number of states where he got that—5—was smaller than the number of states where he registered at 0%—6. He will almost literally have risen from nothing if he somehow snags his party's nomination [Tom Jensen, "Wrapping up the 2012 GOP Polls," Public Policy Polling, 2010.11.16].

Let's see... add South Dakota, and that's six whole electoral votes. That's almost as good as Alf Landon. Still barely blipping... maybe it's time to declare Kristi Noem his running mate.


  1. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Thune engages in the ritual fratricide typical of Republicans in the primary.

    Oh! To be a conservative, female, non-college, old voter in Iowa!

    Think Newt will slip any of them the tongue?

  2. Bob Newland reminds us of this gem as penned by Kevin Woster:

    "Just as Thune critics have pushed their arguments on the Internet, primarily through personal Web logs called blogs, Thune supporters have raised political questions there as well. Conservative blogger Steve Sibson of Mitchell contends that the Iowa lawsuit was as much about political payback as it was about Nelson's business practices.

    Sibson has focused on connections between former Daschle campaign staffer Steve Hildebrand and the Iowa attorney general as evidence that the lawsuit against Nelson had political motivations.

    Court filings by MetaBank lawyers in the bankruptcy case said Nelson's business had been "fatally wounded" by the lawsuit. Hurting Dan Nelson in a public way could hurt Thune politically, Sibson said.



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