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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lake Herman Ice Check: Seven Inches!

For lunch, I stepped out of the office and chopped a hole in the lake.

Punching holes in Lake Herman: another guy compulsion

About twenty feet from shore, the ice on lovely Lake Herman was a whole hand thick, at least seven inches. Ever-reliable Dad reports he saw someone drag a shelter out to ice-fish over the weekend. Cross at your own peril!

And how was your lunch break?


  1. OK Cory, as you know, I practice preventitive medicine....What the H*%l are you doing on the ice at Lake Herman....and in those shoes.

  2. But Doc, I walked really, really slowly!

    (This is why I don't go to the doctor: I'd only catch heck. That, and I have a $7500 deductible.)

  3. Makes me remember when I was a kid, around 14 years old (that's be 1968), when the ice on Lac Court O'Reilles in northwestern Wisconsin, where my parents had (and still have) a cabin, would get over a meter thick.

    Our neighbor had a full-size bulldozer. He'd drive it out on the lake and plow off the snow, giving us a skating rink the size of a football field.

    I wonder if the ice still gets that way in January, now that we have this overheated planet?

    As a side note, ice can be quite thick and yet not support much weight. This condition is especially likely to arise in late winter, when the ice may resemble slush more than a solid mass.

    Having lived in Russia, Cory, I reckon you know all this stuff.

  4. I will not drive my bulldozer onto Lake Herman under any conditions. :-)


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