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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Metrodome Joins Vikings in Collapse

Holy cow! The Metrodome collapsed!
Metrodome collapsed from snow 2010.12.12Hubert H. Humphrey Metrobowl, Minneapolis. The inflatable roof collapsed due to the weight of snow from this weekend's blizzard, which had dumped 17 inches on Minneapolis by Saturday evening. Image from KARE TV via CNN.
I say get out the utility knives, remove that roof, and play real football ball in the snow! Or just leave the roof where it is, rig up some ski-lifts, and let the kids sled in the Hubert H. Humphrey Snow Bowl all winter.


  1. Did you find anyone to invent that snow baler yet, Cory?


  2. Ok Stan, let's brainstorm this: a biofuel-powered hay stacker fitted with sensors to determine the water content of the snow, that controls a heat source powered with a biofuel to pelletize the product then stack it in earth-bermed structures at the highest elevation on the property to trickle into cropland or garden.


  3. If I understand the concept, Larry, I think you're investing a lot more energy than you would simply running a renewable-fuel water pump to bring the run-off back up from the lake.

    But Minneapolis could truck its snow into the Metrobowl, then run irrigation pipes to carry the melt in March out to urban gardens....

  4. Once it hits the lake it belongs to downstreams irrigators, Cory. Love the Metrodome idea, though. Runoff into the Big Sioux goes somewhere else.

  5. Cory,
    I love the headline. Pretty much said it all. :-)

  6. This concept seems interesting. Note hot pocket under south central SD.

  7. Let the snow lie and go back to dog sleds. The heck with plows, balers, pelletizers,

    As for the dome, I say let's take the cover off and let the Vikes play under the sky.


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