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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Poll: MHS New Gym/Renovation Bond Issue Well Short of 60%

If Madville Times readers have anything to say about, the school will have a hard time passing its bond issue. In the latest Madville Times poll, I asked "How will you vote on Madison's $16.98 million new gym/high school renovation bond issue?" Your responses over the past week:

73 (44%)
74 (45%)
Still thinking
16 (9%)

Total Votes: 163

That's pretty tight, but given that it takes 60% to pass the bond issue, these numbers suggest the school district has some convincing to do.

Now of course, the margin of error for Madville Times polls is bigger than any gym MHS will ever have, so keep your grains of salt handy. For instance, back in September, my poll on the county commission race got the winners right, Pedersen and Wollmann, though in different order. On the other hand, my poll was way off on the local sheriff's race: the tie between Lurz and Wyatt wasn't too far off, but my vote totally underrepresented Sheriff Hartman's support.

But consider: I was off on the sheriff's race because I suspect my readership underrepresents the older crotchety crowd that likes the status quo. If my school bond poll underrepresents that crowd, then the bond issue is in real trouble.


  1. I was more impressed with your State Legislature, US House and other race predictions. Three and out. In baseball, you'd be back in the minors.

  2. Rod, don't confuse predictions with endorsements and poll results.

    And you and Sweet, always with the sports analogies. Is that a way to subliminally reinforce the "new gym" message? ;-)


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