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Sunday, December 5, 2010

State Interp Concessions: Controversy, Class, and Capitalism

I had the pleasure of judging the South Dakota State Oral Interpretation Festival this weekend in Aberdeen. I also had the pleasure of chipping in to the Aberdeen speech boosters at their concession stand at Central High School:

Concession stand sign, Aberdeen debate/interp boosters, State Interp, 2010.12.04
Humor Dogs: cheese, yes, but surprisingly, no corn.

I did question the pricing of Humor Dogs over Drama Dogs; suggesting that Humor is worth more than Drama could lead to serious fisticuffs among some passionate interpers (with debaters cheering from the sidelines, twirling their pens).

I might have suggested renaming the Walking Taco to the Programmed Oratory Transition Step Taco.

But hey, what's that big ticket item at the bottom of the sign. Ties?

Aberdeen Interp/Debate Boosters Concession Stand Neckties
Sure enough! Neckties. Count on your local speech students, your noble interpers and debaters, to save the world for classy dress and capitalism.

You can see all the 2010 State Interp medalists and team plaque winners on South Dakota Public Broadcasting's website. SDPB will also be posting videos of the Readers Theater performances, including (I hope!) Howard High School's remarkable readers theater translation of Pat Benatar's greatest hits.

1 comment:

  1. I love it. Humor dogs, just like drama dogs just add cheese.

    The $3 tie rack is a brilliant idea. How many contestants get 100 miles down the road and realize they forgot the tie?


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