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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Howie Hates Interracial Marriage and Women in Workforce

The worst writer (and that's saying a lot!) in Gordon Howie's Potemkin blog village, Brad Ford, sullies Election Day with a double dip of doofusry, exposing the true racism and sexism behind Gordon Howie's "conservative" agitation:
After all, isn’t the political “Iron Triangle”–government, education, media–really “owned” by the Left?  Does anyone think for a minute that Western Civilization, Christianity, and traditional values will fare well under liberals of any stripe?  Gay sex will prosper, racial blending will surge, a food-stamp mentality will flourish, and harassed women will be prominent in the consumer-driven workforce-but is that really progress? [emphasis in original; Brad Ford, "Right Must Work Harder Regardless of Who Wins," Right Side, November 6, 2012]
Good grief. I know Howie likes Mein Kampf. But wow: in one sentence, Ford says that interracial marriage and women in the workforce are both bad things.

I don't know who's funding Gordon Howie's little media fantasy game. But we need to find them, show them the racist, sexist garbage Howie is peddling, and ask them if that's really how they want their money spent. If they don't, then they can pull their funding, and Howie can pay his own way for his organization's White Man's agenda. And if they do, we can hold them accountable right along with Brad Ford and Gordon Howie for their retrograde racism and sexism.


  1. South Dakota helped lead the way to the repeal of the Volstead Act: just try to imagine that happening in today's chemical toilet.

  2. oh my.... literally makes my stomach turn. What. a. PUKE.

    (btw, off topic -- I was checking your Twitter feed - nothing since 11/3?)

    1. (Sorry about that, Teresa! Blog maintenance -- I'll restore that Twitter feed as soon as I get my database on the main site fixed!)

  3. Bill Fleming11/06/2012 9:47 AM

    What the hell is Gordon Howie publishing crap like that for?

  4. Psst...Gordon Howie...liberal moms stay at home with their children sometimes too. We're infiltrating your playgroups with our organic snack crackers and our fair trade coffees.
    This man is a clown. Why anyone would bother to give his opinions any merit is beyond me.

  5. Obviously Gordon Howie has some issues. On the racial issue, people on the left have long denounced "The Bell Curve" as being racist even though the research was done in a scientific correct way. If you look at SAT scores by race and income levels, you can see that Jews, Asians and Whites in the lower income classes out score Blacks no matter which income level the Black student is in. That being said, IQ is not a reflection of socio-economic conditions like many want us to think.

  6. Cory.. and company,
    The title of your article is a wonderful example of dishonesty in media. I haven't yet spoken with Brad about what he meant by the "racial blending" part of his article today, but I do have a call in for him and will certainly be interested in hearing what he has to say about it before I jump to any conclusions. Knowing Brad, I feel very safe in saying that this remark was not meant in the way it may appear. Anyone who knows me would confirm that I have strong support for women in (and out) of the workforce, and that the suggestion I am racially biased has no foundation whatsoever.

    1. Gordon, why not take it down then? You're the publisher. What is there about the bemoaning of "racial blending" that's difficult for you or any of the rest of us to understand? If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

    2. Howie won't take it down because even bad press gets him clicks from the Pro-Life® banner paying off his bankruptcy.

    3. "I haven't yet spoken with Brad about what he meant by the "racial blending" part of his article today . . .Knowing Brad, I feel very safe in saying that this remark was not meant in the way it may appear.

      Seriously? How many interpretations of "racial blending" are there? Does the KKK's definition differ from the Aryan Nations' definition? Perhaps the Bob Jones University philosophy department has special article ready to point out the nuances.

    4. Knock off the coyness, Gordon. Words mean what they say. Own your columnists words or disown them, but don't pretend that you are the Ministry of Truth redefining words to suit your needs. Ford's column this morning expressed racist and sexist sentiments.

    5. BAH. You overgodded on me, Mr. Howie.

  7. Ford is no different than Akin and his science of a raped woman's reproductive response or Mourdoch and his rape is a part of God's plan.

    A few will distance themselves only because they know the words are indelicate. In the end, they will continue to support these people.

    With regards to Ford's racial blending comment. Does anyone believe that the voters in the Bible belt and the Deep South would vote for an amendment to make inter-racial marriage legal?

    That harassed women will be prominent in the consumer-driven workforce...oh yeah, I forgot all about Mitt Romney's non-embrace of the Lily Leadbetter act...or all of the Republicans that voted against the bill supporting basic rights.

    Just another thought for Mr. Ford. When you say consumer driven I think you may be mistaking that term for women being forced to work out of economic necessity. Or is he saying that if women are going to work they are asking to be harassed.

    And please, if we are going to brand Mr. Ford's words as racist, let's fair to him and not leave out the terms sexist and misogynistic.



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