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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bosworth Needs Reporter to Tell Her Challenger's Name

Pat Powers promotes Annette Bosworth for two reasons:

  1. Giving Bosworth any positive attention fosters the notion that she is a serious, viable candidate, further divides the anti-Mike Rounds vote, and boosts the chances that Pat's guy Mike wins the primary.
  2. The tips he gets from Bosworth's scheming husband Chad Haber give Pat an excuse to accuse me of going Mission Impossible on an imaginary desk.
But wait: let me take a deep breath of this fresh Black Hills air. Aaaaahhh. Let me gaze out on the inspiring Spearfish landscape, houses giving way to the Canyon and Spearfish Peak. Aaaaahhh... 

All is right with the world! I see the good in my fellow man! Pat isn't a first-class ass. He's simply keeping his promise as an honest Republican journalist (I beat down the snarky urge to cry double oxymoron!) not to take sides in the GOP Senate primary. He's presenting campaign news as is. But because he thrives on the synergy of good blogs, he's secretly teeing up the ball for me to swing away at Bosworth...

[Shakes head, comes to senses...]

The latest Powers Bosworth flogging further reveals Bosworth's cluelessness. Bosworth's "scoop" is taking a picture of Mark Venner at a Siouxland Republican Taliban Women's meeting. But the unmentioned scoop is that in her original tweet, Bosworth said the speaker was Larry Venner, Sr. Intrepid reporter David Montgomery needed to correct her (Pat's next headline: Montgomery Scolds Bosworth, Proves He's Shilling for Weiland).

Why does this matter? Only because Mark Venner has said publicly he may challenge Bosworth and the serious candidates for the GOP Senate nomination. Only because any serious candidate would be briefing Venner out, figuring out who his donors and voters are, developing strategies to steal his supporters. 

But the ever-politically clueless Bosworth doesn't even know the name of her potential rival.

I suppose Team Venner could take that as a sign that their name recognition stinks. Maybe Bosworth was deliberately misnaming him as a snide insult. 

Hang on: let me take an other breath of that Black Hills air... aaaahhh... thoughts cleared.

Nope. There's no deliberation on Team Bosworth. She's just clueless.

1 comment:

  1. Siouxland Republican "Taliban" Women's meeting? Mmmm, don't think we're into forming an Islamic fundamentalist political movement any time soon.


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