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Friday, August 23, 2013

Weiland Campaign: 123 Towns in 36 Days

Unlike Marion Michael Rounds, who seems to be focusing his Senate campaign on big fundraising events that give him an excuse to fuel up his private plane with campaign donations, Rick Weiland has caf√©stormed over 100 South Dakota towns in less than 40 days. And unlike Annette Bosworth, who wails √† la Bernhardt that campaigning is "a huge grieving process for me," Weiland finds inspiration on the campaign trail. From Thursday's presser:
“People tell me I should be tired, but I’m in fact, drawing energy from the people I meet and the communities I travel to,” Weiland said. Weiland has been talking to South Dakotans about how everyday citizens can “take back” their country from the big money special interests that have high-jacked government and put it on the sides of big corporations and billionaires.

...“We start each trip early and end late,” Weiland said. “I feel like that classic Johnny Cash song – ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’. What a great way to experience and connect with the people of our state,” he added [Weiland Senate campaign, press release, 2013.08.22].
The best candidates, the best speakers, the best workers get energy from doing their jobs. That Weiland  is tapping such energy amidst a grueling early campaign schedule shows that, contrary to some wishful thinking and bored Wikipedia "journalism", Weiland can indeed keep South Dakota's Senate seat "in play" for Democrats.

Here's Weiland's list of the 123 towns he's visited over the past five weeks:
  • July 16: Dell Rapids, Flandreau, Madison, Egan, Trent, Chester, Colman & Wentworth
  • July 18: Worthing, Canton, Beresford, Vermillion, Yankton, Irene, Alcester, Centerville & Meckling
  • July 30: De Smet, Wessington Springs, Huron, Volga, Arlington, Lake Preston, Iroquois, Cavour, Lane, Woonsocket, Artesian, Fedora, Roswell, Forestburg, Vilas & Howard
  • August 1: Hartford, Humboldt, Salem, Mitchell, Montrose & Alexandria
  • August 3: Watertown, Kranzburg, Goodwin, Altamont, Clear Lake, Brandt, Toronto, White, Bushnell & Aurora
  • August 7: Baltic, Sherman, Garretson, Corson, Brandon, Valley Springs, Alcester, Big Springs, Spink, Elk Point & Centerville
  • August 8: Davis, Hurley, Menno, Olivet, Turkey Ridge, Scotland, Tyndall, Springfield, Avon, Dante, Wagner, Armour, Corsica, Stickney, Chamberlain, Oacama, Kimball & Pukwana
  • August 11: Parker
  • August 14: Henry, Clark, Raymond, Doland, Frankfort, Redfield, Ashton, Northville, Mellette, Warner & Aberdeen
  • August 15: Bath, Groton, Claremont, Amherst, Britton, Langford, Pierpont, Bristol, Holmquist, Webster, Waubay, Ortley, Summit, Marvin & Milbank
  • August 17: Rapid City
  • August 19: Blackhawk, Piedmont, Sturgis, Whitewood, Central City, Deadwood, Lead, Belle Fourche & Spearfish
  • August 20-21: Keystone, Hill City, Custer, Pringle, Edgemont, Buffalo Gap, Hot Springs & Hermosa
Professor Schaff will criticize Weiland for the absence of Pierre on that early itinerary; Pat Powers surely will not. But all four declared Republican candidates need to look at Weiland's list and start playing catch-up.


  1. Weiland is a remarkably likable guy who very plainly enjoys meeting and talking with regular folks. There's nothing phony about it.

    This is smart to get out there barnstorming the coffee shops, bowling alleys and grocery stores to make the first, authentic impression early in the process. They can't hate you when you've taken the time to look them in the eye, shake hands and listen.

    Later, when the other side bombards the airwaves with their nasty ads, regular folks will be more inclined to remember that first, authentic impression.

  2. great guy...proud to have him in our family....his Aunts: Swanee and Betty

  3. I'm shocked that on Aug 14-15 Wieland never made it to STRATFORD!!! I know many folks there and he would have had a great time in beautiful, downtown Stratford. (About 20 miles southeast of Aberdeen.)

    Seriously, that tiny little burg is famous in northeastern SD. They put on a community play, always a farce, every Feb and March. Farmers, homemakers, high schoolers all participate and they are hilarious. People from surrounding small towns, Aberdeen, and elsewhere drive 40-50 miles to pack the hall for a dozen performances annually.

    This group has earned enough money for a new community building, fire hall and fire equipment. Now they give money away! A dear friend is the community leader and instigator of all of it.

    (If anyone wants to know how to do something like this in your community, I'm sure Cory will email your request to me.


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