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Saturday, September 27, 2008

District 8 Candidate Videos from South Dakota Public Broadcasting Online!

Hooray for South Dakota Public Broadcasting! They have added the District 8 candidate videos to their Election '08 archive. SDPB invited every State House and Senate candidate to the studio this summer to tape a brief statement to the voters. The U.S. House and Senate candidates also got invites.

SDPB is playing the videos Friday nights at 9:30. But just in case your football game runs long and you miss you favorite candidates, SDPB is also putting the videos online.

As a special treat for the home crowd, below you can watch all five District 8 candidate videos. Wait—five? We've got Scott Parsley, Russell Olson, Gerry Lange, Mitch Fargen, Jerry Johnson... where's Patricia Stricherz? Didn't my favorite new Republican of the year find a moment to get down to Vermillion for two minutes of free TV air time? That may not bode well for the campaign.

Scott Parsley:

Russell Olson:

Gerry Lange:

Mitch Fargen:

Jerry Johnson:

1 comment:

  1. Sorry.....I was out with the flu, which then decided to intensify and turn into broncitis. Once I was better the entire family got it and I was taking care of them, including my 6 mo. old grandbaby.
    Family comes first, only after God that is.
    Nice to meet you today Cory, the parade was great fun.
    Patricia Stricherz


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