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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Get Out the Chicken Suit! McCain Asks to Postpone Friday Debate!

I just heard it on NPR's Talk of the Nation, and Greta Van Susteren says so, too: John McCain has asked to postpone the Presidential debate scheduled for Friday evening at Ole Miss!

What, don't tell me McCain needs more prep time. Sure, there's a lot going on with the bailout package before Congress, but the world is always busy when you're running for President. Suspend the campaign to work on the bailout? President Bush managed the war on terror without suspending his 2004 presidential campaign.

Or could it be McCain is getting nervous about going toe-to-toe with a resurging Obama? Sounds to me like McCain wants to stop someone's momentum....

You have a job interview with the American people Friday night, Senator McCain. We expect you and Senator Obama to show. Let's rumble!


  1. Knight in Shining Armor Charade.

  2. It shows the experience of Barack Obama and all he's concerned about is sitting in the oval office.
    'Oh, the country's going down...well I CAN'T cancel my appearance on 'The View'!' - Obama

    This is the mistake that's going to lose it for Obama. Especially, with all the ties he has to this mess already!

  3. pennypincher9/24/2008 4:46 PM

    McCain just scored points with me on this one. At least he is going to do the job he was elected to do, not just focusing on the job he wants to win. Obama said on the news that he still wants the debate and use it as a forum to discuss what's going on and how to fix it. Shouldn't they be doing that where it counts, IN WASHINGTON!

  4. Obma is where he should be along with the where the rest of the government should be out of this mess. We are a capitalistic society now all of a sudden many people became socialists over night. When did we have this red revolution. laissez-faire business practices I thought that is what the Republicans were built on and always have accused the democrats for being against. Now they pooped there pants and they should all sit in it. I believe we are the USA not the United Socialist States of America. If we are going to go down the socialistic path then we need to provide socialistic medicine, education, and so forth not socialism to save the rich. I thought trickle down economics would save the world. Now us common folks living off the scraps get to save the masters.

  5. Maybe it's because of all those Friday night football games. Lots of high schools will be having their Homecoming games during the debate if it goes on as scheduled. Maybe McCain wants to be sure he gets the largest possible audience.


  6. pennypincher9/26/2008 11:05 AM


    McCain must have read your blog. Kelo is reporting that he will be attending tonites debate.

  7. Here let me help. McCain a coward? what garbage! McCain has asked for MORE debates and Barry has refused 10 times. The reason: if he doesn't have the questions pre-fed to him he will drown in a pool of UH's and UM's and be seen for the dunderhead that he is. And Cory Callis is absolutely correct, Barry, like a spoiled child, is more interested in not missing a chance to be on TV than actually doing his job. Do I want to hear "the man who will be responsible for this mess in 40 days" or see him in action?? HMMMM? By the way Barry, even if the 60% majority national Repubs sleep through the vote and you win; you don't take office in 40 days... that's just when the election is. I am proud of JM for having the guts to do his job, you know the one he was already elected to.


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