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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John Sweet Blogs!

Today's RealMadison.org feature!

Can my world get any more topsy-turvy? Last November, I suggested that the Madison Central School District might engage parents, students, and the general public more effectively by starting a blog. A surprise visit to the comment section reveals that one Madison superintendent may have been listening... just not the current one. John Sweet is blogging! Dr. John Sweet, former Madison Central superintendent and not the most... garrulous fellow, is posting his thoughts online from his chair as chief executive officer of Delano Public Schools in Minnesota.

Madison folks may recognize some irony in Dr. Sweet's becoming a mogul of online interactivity (he has a podcast, too!), not to mention my favorable mention thereof. But there it is: Dr. John Sweet has a heck of an idea that our own Superintendent Vince Schaefer should jump on!

More commentary at RealMadison.org!


  1. Thank you for promoting the use of this technology, my blog site and podcast.

  2. I really miss John Sweet's "Sweet Love Machine", his yellow van that he cruised the streets with, and later forced his embarassed daughters to drive when they were in high school. Where is it now? We should bring it back as the Senior Van during Homecoming!

  3. The Love Machine was sold to an SDSU student from Canby, MN by one of my embarrassed daughters for $250. This should have been retained as a "vintage vehicle" as there are few conversion vans of this nature left. I made the same mistake when I sold my 1949 Kaiser and Cushman motor scooter. I will not make the same mistake again and will hold on to my 1971 Larson pleasure boat


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