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Monday, October 13, 2008

John McCain, Meet Joel Dykstra... at the Losers' Party!

("He"? both of 'em!)

"Poll: Dykstra within striking distance of Johnson"
Pat Powers, 2008.10.09, describing the 54%-36% gap between Senator Tim Johnson and hapless GOP challenger Joel Dykstra.

"well within striking distance"
Steve Schmidt, McCain's chief strategist, 2008.10.13, describing where McCain's campaign currently stands against Obama's.

"...and the Lions are within striking distance of winning the Super Bowl"
CA Heidelberger, 2008.10.09, commenting on Dakota War College.


  1. Prediction: Joel Dykstra will defeat Tim Johnson on November 4th for one reason and one reason only. Tim Johnson is unable to carry out his duties because he cannot represent his state with his current communicative abilities. The public knows it, but nobody's speaking out loud about it. It is like a quiet undercurrent running through coffee shops and gatherings, and it is real. People do have sympathy for his illness. They also understand the reality of a Senator's job and Johnson can't perform anymore. Simple reality.

  2. Hey Anon, where have you been? Look up his August LIVE interview with the Argus Leader editorial board, and you will clearly see that Senator Johnson has NO PROBLEM speaking and getting his point across in an effective manner. You are on dope.

  3. We have had a bluberin idiot in the White House the last 8 years and he managed to get elected and re-elected with quite possibly the worst communication skills of any president ever. So, I think little old Tim Johnson will do ok.

    "somewhere a village in Texas has lost it's idiot" GOD January 20, 2001 Washington D.C.

    peace out homeboy!


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