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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Question 3: Board of Regents Pay Date Scheme

Question: Retirees will take a hit; will you support the Regents' paydate-switch scheme?

Mitch Fargen:
  • talked to Tad Perry about it; there are options to move retirement (earlier or later) to avoid the hit
  • lack of funding for higher ed (and all ed) pushes Regents to look at this option
  • need to research further, talk to more professors and Regents to find out
Patricia Stricherz:
  • needs to go through Legislature
  • should perhaps leave current staff on the current schedule, phase in new teachers

Jerry Johnson:
  • based on info from Regents, can understand why they're looking for alternative funding sources
  • need more info on how many people will be impacted before deciding

Gerry Lange:
  • agree with critics that it is a shell game to create wealth out of nothing, just like Wall Street

Russell Olson:
  • The analyst who came up with this will probably get a bonus if it passes
  • need to listen to both sides; right now we've only heard one side
  • one-time funding often comes back to bite you; I'm leery, especially if it hurts retirees; why make them work another year when they've been planning otherwise?

Scott Parsley:
  • not a grey area for me: if it affects folks with whom we've had an agreement for years, then we need to honor that agreement
  • willing to make the shift if we can find a way to do it without hurting retirees
  • we need the wireless, it's vital, but the state needs to figure out how to pay for it, not the retirees
  • not our place to dictate your retirement plans


  1. This scheme is no different then any of the crooked schemes that WallStreet cooked up to get the US into the mess we are in now. Sounds reminiscent to Enron/Arthur Andersen Accounting Schemes.

  2. This is sounding shadier every time I hear about it. So rather than going through the standard funding channels the BOR has decided to bypass the will of the people and is funding some random project anyways. Seriously, is this even legal? What happens when we have a really rainy day? Just fire people then?

    For some people a day might not make a difference, but for a lot of blue collar workers a pay day change is the difference between making ends meet for another month or not.


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