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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

South Dakota Abortion Ban Fails

South Dakotans have defeated Initiated Measure 11, the retread abortion ban. The folks who think sex education and moral crusades should be conducted by plebiscite rather than parenting, pastoring, and pedagogy thought that offering a bill with more "exceptions" (or at least a title that emphasized "exceptions") would swing at least a tenth of the folks who voted against Referred law 6 in 2006. Evidently, they did not succeed:

Yes No Total Margin
2008 # 167518 206477 373995 38959
2008 % 44.79% 55.21%
2006 # 148648 185945 334593 37297
2006 % 44.43% 55.57%
06-08 # diff 18870 20532 39402
06-08 % diff 0.36% -0.36%

The supporters of the abortion ban got 18,870 more people to come out and vote in favor of making women second-class citizens. Unfortunately for their dreams of theocracy, they inspired 20,532 more people to come out and vote against the abortion ban. By the numbers, IM11 lost by a larger margin than the 2006 ban. By the percentages, IM11 improved on the 2006 ban by less than four tenths of a percentage point.

Vote Yes for Life had two years to plot and campaign, and they lost ground.

What does this mean?
  • South Dakota won't be challenging Roe v. Wade any time soon.
  • The 2009 Legislature won't touch abortion.
  • Pastor Steve Hickey, who predicted a 53–47 win for IM11, will move his flock to Alaska to join the other End-Timers who want to meet their maker with Governor Palin.
  • Church at the Gate won't be able to fund that move to Alaska with whatever stocks it bought in South Dakota oil.
For the second election in a row, South Dakotans have stood up for choice. Not by as large a margin as I'd like to see, but by enough for now. I know better than to think we've finally put this issue to bed, since Leslee Unruh has her personal salvation wrapped up with waging her crusade against all other women. But those of us who believe in equal rights for women, in personal autonomy, in letting doctors and not legislators or the sheriff practice medicine—we have shown that we can beat back challenges to the Constitution and to reality itself.

p.s.: Coloradans yesterday rejected Amendment 48, which would have given fertilized eggs the same rights as human beings, by a 3-to-1 margin. Looks like God will be sucking the oil out from under the Rocky Mountains, too. Good thing we elected a President whose energy plan relies on something other than "Drill baby drill."


  1. While I could not be happier about the outcome of IM 11, to think Leslee Unruh will stop trying to push her ideals onto others is foolhardy. Her, Roger Hunt, and Atty. Gen. Larry Long are probably planning there next move as I type this. Here's wishing that they will respect the voters of South Dakota and let this rest, but I highly doubt it.

  2. Maybe we should work on coming up with a new hobby for Leslee. I personally find knitting very rewarding. Or maybe she could care for horses.

  3. Did you see Leslee on tv last night? The woman is a loose canon!

  4. I voted for both 6 and 11. I believed people when they said that exceptions would change their votes from "no" to "yes."

    Didn't work out that way. It seems that if South Dakota can't get behind this with exceptions, I'll be the first to say that it needs to go away. For good.

  5. DO you think we could "campaign" to have the Unruhs and Pastor (?) Doo Hickey removed from our state?

    Could we do some free-will offering to get the wack-jobs to Alaska?

    They are mildly comical at worst but tiresome at best

  6. mbk, I agree with your last line. Abortion bans of either flavor apparently won't sell with South Dakotans. So be it. Let's drop it and concentrate on problems and solutions where we can find common ground and make a difference.

  7. Yes, Leslie, sit the heck down.

    She makes me ill.

  8. Do you mean I missed Leslie on TV??? I haven't seen her psycho mug on TV all election, then on the night the results come in she makes an appearance??? I knew she couldn't stay away from the cameras.

    As someone else said, South Dakota has spoken. Let's put money towards something else instead of wasting tax payer dollars to put the thing on the ballot that the majority doesn't want!

  9. Isn't going to make any difference now anyway. The Messiah has said his first plan of action will be to protect abortion.

    Funny how the actual Messiah of old believed the actual opposite.

    But Obama is truly not the Messiah (except in his own mind).


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