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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cure for Liberal Angst over Obama: Imagine the Alternative

"Liberals Voice Concern over Obama," says Politico. My fellow leftists are "nervous," "flat-out angry," even willing to "puncture the liberal euphoria" and grumble over an emerging administration that isn't liberal enough.

You can find such complaints even here in South Dakota. Mr. Epp expresses his misgivings about the Clinton and Gates appointments. I agree that Bill Richardson would have been a better qualified (and more fun) choice for State. I like Tom Daschle plenty, but I would rather have seen Dennis Kucinich appointed health czar (or, if you really believe in the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, taken seriously during the primaries and elected President).

But when I hear the next President of the United States on the radio saying basically chill out! I got this!, I still get that happy feeling. Wearing my Obama button on my hat around town and just saying President Barack Hussein Obama still feels really good.

Fellow liberals, how can you fight that "we want everything and we want it now" angst? Simple. Two words. No, not "shut up."

McCain. Palin.

Just a little reminder of what could have been, and everything else, even Robert Gates, looks a lot brighter. The sun is shining, fellow liberals, and the glass is more than half full. Enjoy!


  1. I personally think it's hilarious that the libs are griping already. It was a matter of time before O had to renig (sp?) on some of his promises of everything to everyone in order to get elected. But I didn't expect it to hit this soon!

  2. If Obama places himself center left the center right can live with that. That's smart because its going to take cooperation like we haven't seen in a while to tackle our problems. jh

  3. As the Governor of Illinois goes, so shall his borrower, Obama. The house of Obama is filling up with Chicago cronies which could be his unraveling. He'll be so distracted trying to stay ahead of those he's chosen to help him lead, he won't have time to soar.


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