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Monday, December 8, 2008

Horowitz to Obama Citizenship Deniers: Knock It Off

The Supreme Court today deemed Leo Donofrio's suit challenging Barack Obama's citizenship status not even worthy of comment, let alone a hearing on appeal.

Questioning Obama's citizenship (not to mention his patriotism) was part and parcel of the right-wing propaganda machine's efforts to win easily fooled voters. Several such right-wingers have kept up the noise ("story of the century"? Please.) since Obama's November 4 victory. Now they can paint Scalia, Roberts, Alito, and Thomas as co-conspirators in the Marxist revolution.

Or maybe they can just listen to arch-conservative David Horowitz and get over it:

The continuing efforts of a fringe group of conservatives to deny President-elect Barack Obama his victory and to lay the basis for the claim that he is not a legitimate president is embarrassing and destructive. The fact that these efforts are being led by Alan Keyes, an unhinged demagogue on the political fringe who in 2004 lost an Illinois Senate election to Obama by 42 points should be a warning in itself.

...It is not conservatism; it is sore loserism and quite radical in its intent. Respect for election results is one of the most durable bulwarks of our unity as a nation. Conservatives need to accept the fact that we lost the election, and get over it; and get on with the important business of reviving our country's economy and defending its citizens, and – by the way – its Constitution [David Horowitz, "Get Over Obama Derangement Syndrome," National Review Online, 2008.12.08].

Michelle Malkin also finds the Obama conspiracy theories a waste of time. As John McLaughlin says, next issue!


  1. It's a little late to do anything about this anyway. BUT, did he ever produce his birth certificate? If not, why not? Cory, would you have let anyone else get by without producing a valid legal birth certificate?

    I actually thought Obama had since he was the candidte, but evidently there was enough question to bring this lawsuit.

    If Obama didn't produce the birth certificate, which is the actual basis of being elected to President of the US, and he flaunted this law, why will he think he has to abide by any law of the land?

  2. The question was dual citizenship, wasn't it?

  3. Dual citizenship would not be a problem I don't think. But did he produce a valid birth certificate proving his U.S. citizenship or not? It's that simple.

  4. Go to the website of the Secretary of State of Hawai'i and look for it - it's been there for quite some time, and the SoS has attested that it is legit.


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