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Friday, December 19, 2008

In Crisis, Everyone's a Socialist, Even Jon Hunter

Given his devoted attention to socialism and Madison, I'm surprised Mr. Sibson didn't catch this latest sign of the Red Menace in our fair city: socialist propaganda coming straight from the Madison Daily Leader, our own Republican "glory and praise pamphlet." Yes, our man Jon Hunter this week endorsed the possibility of a New New Deal from the Obama Administration.

Hunter notes with approval the great works performed by the Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps between 1935 and 1943 and says today's rising unemployment and crumbling transportation infrastructure justify another big dip in the big government pool.

I agree wholeheartedly—I just find it funny to hear this from Lake County's conservative metropolitan press rather than our happy cabal of Lake Herman radicals.

Hunter does place five conditions on his support for socialist rev a new jobs program:
  1. He wants the President, not Congress, to control it, since Congress would only pile on pork. (How's that for a vote of confidence for President-Elect Obama?)
  2. He wants fat paychecks for the workers hired by the new WPA/CCC to take the place of wasteful "stimulus" checks that reward consumerism rather than hard work (sensible!)
  3. He wants lasting infrastructure investments, not just make-work (foresightful!).
  4. He wants the jobs program ended when the economy bounces back (fine with me!).
  5. Hunter wants a moratorium on teasing remarks from Lake County's alternative press about his turning socialist.
(O.K., I made up #5.)

Kidding aside, our man Hunter is right on the money. Folks are losing jobs, and a brief drop in prices won't be enough to help those laid off keep up with their mortgages and health premia. Meanwhile, roads and bridges need fixing (well, maybe not the one to Red Owl). It's time to invest in people and in lasting projects that will allow the free market to get back on its feet.

As I've said, in a crisis, we are all socialists... even Jon Hunter.


  1. Comrade:

    Another sign of the apocalypse...

    Next thing you know you'll be called Herbert.

  2. I'm always amazed when I walk down the sidewalk on Egan Avenue from DSU to downtown. There are sidewalks stamped and dated 1941 WPA that are as nice and crack-free as they were when they installed them 67 years ago. They don't make concrete like that anymore! There's one case where the government got more than their money's worth for infrastructure projects. In fact, some of those sidewalks may be in front of Hunter's parent's home farther north on Egan Avenue.


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