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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obama to Swear Oath on Lincoln Bible

The conservative fringe is dealt another demoralizing blow as President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama chooses to swear his oath of office on a Christian Bible, not a Koran.

But hang on: the Bible he's using is the same one used in 1861 by Abraham Lincoln. Abraham... hey, isn't that the name of the prophet Muslims regard as the Father of the Prophets? Isn't Abraham central to the rituals of the Hajj? Better check between that burgundy velvet binding....

And you know, I've read that Abraham Lincoln supposedly didn't have a middle name... but maybe he was just hiding it. Abraham Muhammad Lincoln...


  1. this is the dumbest thing i have ever read.

  2. It's the funniest thing I've read today.

    Hitting a little close to home anon?

  3. Sadly Cori, I must agree with Anon 11:07.

    As a conservative Republican(so conservative that many consider me to be a liberal) I supported Barrack Obama for POTUS, because I felt that he was the best hope to end the divisiveness that has overcome our country.

    Your post insults Abraham, Abraham Lincoln, Barrack Obama, Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

    If the left wing of the Democratic party truly believes in the inclusiveness that Barrack Obama stands for, if it is truly morally superior (as it claims) to the Republican party then they should walk the path set out by Barrack Obama to end that divisiveness.

    Do not continue to talk the talk of divisiveness but walk the walk of inclusiveness that Barrack Obama and thousands of his followers like me do, in the hope that we can return to the paths of our fathers.

    Joseph G Thompson

  4. Don't worry, Cory... even Robin Williams bombs once in a while!

  5. What happened Cory? Did you find a lump of coal in your stocking this morning? The Messiah has come and people will flock to see Him. I'm not talking Christmas on December 25th, I'm talking innauguration on January 20th.

  6. Hey, I'm kind of getting tired of the references to Obama as Messiah, like we are so stupid not to know he has plenty of faults (like everybody else), and that he couldn't possibly be a real deal change-is-necessary politician. And that we are so weak minded we need someone to lead us to ..... Well kiss off. We are just looking for a bit more fairness and a lot of life will just take care of itself.

  7. Excellent dry humor, Cory. One can even laugh at oneself, eh! Or am I seeing what ain't there (again)? Happy holidays to you and yours. Be good for goodness' sake.

  8. Your vision and sense of humor remain clear as ever, Stan. Thanks! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and sincere wishes for no big blizzards for you to dig out of!

  9. Sadly, once again "I was just being funny" is used as an excuse
    for saying or doing dumb things.

    Sorry Cori, I did expect more from you and some of your posters. I guess once again I expect too much from people.

    Joseph G Thompson


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