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Friday, December 12, 2008

Past Scandal Rocks Lee Candidacy for NSU Prez

I'm not sure which is funnier: the photo itself, or the fact that Dr. John Sweet sent it to me:

I caught your blog on Mark Lee. Attached is some dirt I found on him lining my old dresser drawer at my mother's house in Iroquois [Dr. John Sweet, personal e-mail, 2008.12.10]

Plaid pants! Sweet wryly suggests this news story is "probably not enough to cause his rejection at NSU," but will the Regents take any chances? Will they hand the presidency of Northern State University to the erstwhile third best swinger in central South Dakota?

And who would have thought Dr. Sweet was really a muckraker at heart? I guess blogging does that to a guy... now let's see if anyone can find those photos of my plaid pants in high school.


  1. I distinctly remember a pair of plaid pants during the Heidelberger interpretation of GODSPELL. If my memory serves me well the stitching experienced some issues. Find those photos and we've got a real scandal on our hands.

  2. Were they plaid? I remember the photos of all the shows in Doc's room. Hmmm. Not that I ever daydreamed and stared at them in class.

  3. I don't recall any plaid, but what comes to mind is the "pretend" tuxedo shirt, draped with a vest that ties in the back... how refreshing!!! :)

  4. Godspell -- I think Jesus wore stripes. As for the stitching issue, well, the show must go on!

  5. I thought this blog could use a little levity as it takes on otherwise very serious issues. If you characters want to take the plaid theme further, you should see the play "Forever Plaid." Great musical portraying allegiance to plaid clothing.

  6. Mark's a great guy - from great stock (his Mom Wanda ran Abdnor's office in Huron - you'll love that Cory :)). He would make a great college Pres
    --Lee Schoenbeck


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