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Monday, December 22, 2008

South Dakota Legislature Website Adds RSS Feeds!

So I'm getting ready to start my Russell Olson Watch, and I go to the South Dakota Legislature website to check the prefiled bills for any early goodies. I search around, find our man Russ's name on Senate Bill 5, and... hey, wait a minute. What's that little orange button at the top?

RSS—no, that's not short for Russ. It's an RSS feed! Yahoo! Those busy programmers in the Legislative Research Council are making it possible for us bloggers (and readers!) to follow our favorite bills. With innovation like this, before you know it, we'll be seeing a comments section on the Legislature's website!

RSS feeds for each bill are very cool. Who says government doesn't do anything right?

Now, if they would just add RSS feeds for each legislator... time to configure my Russ RSS!

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to ask someone to start a Gerry Lange RSS Feed so we can monitor his bills to add a state income tax and legalize pot for the Libertarians. Maybe he'll even bring some North Dakota legislation to their southern neighbors.


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