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Saturday, January 3, 2009

MPC Gateway Dead

I got so excited about Chuck Clement's gonzo eruption that I missed the really big MPC Gateway story: the bankrupt company is giving up, laying off its employees, and liquidating its assets. Uff da! Now dozens of South Dakota school districts are stuck with Gateway tablet PCs that they can't return or get warranty service on.

The company isn't treating its laid-off employees any better: Clement reports in Wednesday's print MDL that MPC says it can't meet its legal obligation to give remaining employees 60 days' notice of their termination. Of course, the company was left in a tight spot by the abrupt resignation of a big chunk of its sales force earlier in December.

Condolences for the workers are appropriate, but no tears for a business that over-promised and under-delivered. Now South Dakota can once and for all kick its misguided allegiance to Gateway, a company owed its initial success to this state and then let us down.


  1. So what are all the schools supposed to do that already sent Gateway Computers to MPC for repairs? If they can't afford to pay their employees, they certainly won't feel any obligation to return the computers to rightful owners, will they? Maybe the State of South Dakota should send trucks to Idaho to retrieve our school's computers. Maybe it won't matter if no parts are available to repair them.

  2. Hopefully this will end the laptop program, especially in this tight budget economy.


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