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Monday, January 12, 2009

Must Be Nuts to Be Out in This Weather...

...or just a little squirrelly.

This little guy was out on a limb this windy morning out in front of the Mundt Library eating berries.

I can still see the road... and the Moonlite! Nothing the Jeep can't handle.


  1. You should've stayed at home.

  2. Actually, we've got sunshine peeking through thin-looking cloud cover. But I'm still done with town for the day. Let the wind blow, maybe shovel after supper....

  3. Your friend Rocky does have a fur coat, so he is prepared for the elements. Also, lots of places to put his nuts. ;)

    Todd Epp
    SD Watch http://www.southdakotawatch.net

  4. In Minnesota in the 1960s, when I was an elementary-school kid, they used to send us out to play after lunch in weather like that.

    "Kickball" was fun in the wind. The pitchers could roll roundhouse curves without even trying. A high fly to straightaway center would end up landing foul.

    It was cold, but not so cold as to make the balls shatter when kicked ... that was, I suppose, their "litmus test" for whether to keep us inside or not.

  5. Kickball! Much more fun in the snow: more sliding, better diving catches, and the ball doesn't sting as much through three layers (long johns, pants, and snowpants!).

  6. Nothing the Jeep can't handle? I thought for sure you would have a Toyota or a Kia.

  7. I bought my Jeep in 1999. My wife bought her Focus in 2001. I've put maybe 700 miles on the Jeep in the past year. Even with all the snow we had over the past couple weeks, I drove it to town maybe once or twice. When the Jeep or Focus dies, the next car will be a Subaru or Volkswagen... or maybe a Smart Fortwo! Show me 50 mpg, and you've got my business.

  8. neither subaru or volkswagen makes a vehicle of any kind that gets 50 mpg.

  9. Perhaps a Chevy Volt would do you well, Cory.

  10. Anon 8:28: Well, then i won't be buying a new car for a few years, will I? Hold together, Jeep!

    Chevy Volt: Worth a look... if GM still exists after this year.


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