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Friday, January 9, 2009

Unruh on Board for Political and Fiscal Reality; How About Brunner?

Another possible upside to the recession: maybe the legislature will focus on real bread-and-butter issues. Hope on this score comes from none other than abortion crusader Leslee Unruh (hat tip to Dakota Women!), who tells that Sioux Falls paper that she has no plans to push an abortion ban in the 2009 Legislature. Says Unruh, "I think legislators have some major budget issues to take care of."

For perhaps the first time in Madville Times history, I say, right on, Leslee.

Now, what about Representative Tom Brunner (R-29/Nisland)? A source with an ear to Pierre says Brunner may be ready to revive the 2008 guns on campus bill. That idea is worth a little pre-emptive blogging:

Rep. Brunner, before you introduce any guns legislation, please ask yourself these questions:
  1. How many students have been injured or killed in the past year due to their lack of firearms?
  2. How many students, professors, and other campus denizens list packing heat as their main legislative priority?
  3. How will allowing guns on campus help create jobs, pave roads, pay teachers, cover Medicaid costs, or address any other serious practical policy issue we face during this recession?
Recession, budget shortfall, rising unemployment: even Leslee Unruh recognizes we have bigger fish to fry than rehashing the culture war. Rep. Brunner, I hope you will show similar common sense.

Update 2009.01.13 17:36 CST: Just heard Charles Michael Ray on South Dakota Public Broadcasting confirm that Rep. Brunner is looking to revisit the guns-on-campus issue. The budget outlook gets worse, and Brunner still wants to fritter away legislative time on irrelevant pet issues? Arrrggghhh!


  1. Thank God we now have a pair of Representatives who will vote against this ridiculous legislation. Last years "yes" votes by Gassman and Olsen were embarrassing for our district, and for DSU.

  2. Heaven forbid a 6 point buck or higher would wander onto campus. We'd have a firefight on our hands!

  3. At DSU? Nah—buck would never make it past the One Stop.


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