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Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Am I Buggin' You? I Don't Mean to Bug Ya."

Brother Bono gives the sermon this morning:

So much of the discussion today is about value, not values. Aid well spent can be an example of both, values and value for money. Providing AIDS medication to just under four million people, putting in place modest measures to improve maternal health, eradicating killer pests like malaria and rotoviruses — all these provide a leg up on the climb to self-sufficiency, all these can help us make friends in a world quick to enmity. It’s not alms, it’s investment. It’s not charity, it’s justice [Bono, "It's 2009. Do You Know Where Your Soul Is?" New York Times, 2009.04.19].

He also says something about the non-religious (I know one or two of them) and the capacity to fight for justice: "Not all soul music comes from the church."

O.K., Edge, play the blues.


  1. I just find it amazing that you are quoting U2's Rattle & Hum and one of my favorite songs ever (that version anyway)...that's awesome Corey!

  2. Love that album!

    And the sentiment from Bono. Thanks Cory!


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