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Friday, April 17, 2009

Epp Scoops Press; Lincoln HS Out of Touch?

Kudos to Mr. Epp on scooping the paid reporters on the Sioux Falls tea party organizers' (and perhaps Senator Thune's staff's) misappropriation of public school resources for their partisan activities.

The line from Lincoln HS assistant principal is that they school was "misled." I have to ask: how out of touch do folks have to be to not have seen what the Tea Party was about? It was clear from February that the tea parties were partisan (and hypocritical) silliness. Do Sioux Falls school administrators not read the paper?


  1. [Eyebrow] A LIBERAL whining about misappropriation of public school resources for partisan activities.

    [Chuckle] Crazy Cory trying to publicly crucify Olson, Rounds or Thune... yet AGAIN! (Why didn't you include Thune's home phone number in this blog, like you did with Olson's? That was helpful... and unethical...)

    [Snort] Cory takes Mr. Epp seriously...

    [Guffaw] Cory calls yet another kettle black...

    [Sustained Chortling] Hypocracy... thy name is Cory!

    A. Billy Susper

  2. I think this wasn't an issue until a lib blogger made it one. The students sang the Star Spangled banner, recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and listened to a prayer, and then I think they probably went back to school and didn't even stay for the readings. For the most part the program consisted of actual speeches given by our founding fathers, given by people dressed as the founding father and Abe Lincoln.

    The tea party was a gathering of people who are concerned about the reckless spending and tax burden we are leaving future generations and about the growth of gov't and its intrusion into our personal lives. I think that this country was founded on the principles of being able to protest peacefully policies we disgree with. At least I thought this was part of our heritage and rights.

    IMO the libs are afraid of this movement. Why else would they be devoting so much hatred, name calling, and denigration to the tea parties?

    My kids were in band in high school. If they were asked to participate in a program for Obama, Bush, Clinton, Thune, Herseth, Johnson, I would have said great, go and enjoy, experience. Kids are going to be exposed to a variety of people, situations, political arguments, etc in their lives, and I give them credit enough to discern and grow by what they here. Now because of the narrow mindedness of a few, they will probably be denied opportunities such as these.

    I don't think the students had as much of a problem with this as did certain libs. Did we hear a hue and cry when students participated in a Johnson rally? Of course not.

    I guess we can see who are the small minded, biased, threatened group here, and it definitely is not the peaceful attendants at the tea party!

  3. but if the school was told it was a non-partisan event, and it wasn't, can the school take genuine exception to being misled?

  4. it was a non-partisan event.

  5. Where are the protests against the students at the North Carolina collge who disrupted violently a speech given by Tancredo? This was a leftist protest by the Students for a Democratic Society which was definitely not peaceful, not tolerant, aided and abetted by the professors who were also in the audience yelling, involved throwing objects and breaking a window even. Nary a complaint about that one!

    All Tancredo was doing was speaking against in state tuition for illegal immigrants. I would think students would agree this isn't fair. And I would think the MSM should be all over this violent, unseemly protest. But no, they prefer to denigrate our peaceful tea party.

  6. Completely off subject but I am wondering your thoughts on the closing of the former AIM High with those students having to go back to high school until age 18. Seems to me there are some kids who need an alternative school, and now that they have to stay in school until age 18, what is going to happen to these kids? Will they be picked up for truancy if they refuse to go? Will their parents be made criminals because they can't keep them in school? Just wondering. Seems to me the education department is missing the point here; they exist for the benefit of the students, and this seems to put the actual needs of the students at the bottom of the heap. Just wondering your thoughts.

  7. [Indeed, off the subject, but constructive -- thank you! I'm rolling the demise of AIM High around in my head and may have a post for you in the coming days.]

    [By the way, if you have other questions or ideas but can't find a post where the subject fits, feel free to buzz me through the contact form linked about the "Leave your comment" box... and here!]

  8. And Anon at the top: I take Mr. Epp very seriously... especially when he scoops the paid media.

    [As for posting Russell Olson's phone number, yeah, me and the State Legislature.]

  9. Anon 1:23 a.m.: Wait, I surrender: you are absolutely right. Of course the tea parties were non-partisan. Kind of like how Jim Leach spoke at the Democratic National Convention, so that was non-partisan, and Joe Lieberman spoke at the Republican National Convention, so that was non-partisan. It all makes perfect sense now. :-D

  10. There's a difference between a "non-partisan" event (ie, it wasn't officially sponsored by the Republican party) and a "non-political" event (which this was not).

    The issue here isn't what the students did, but the impropriety of having invited them in the first place, which may have been conducted by Senator Thune's office. It wasn't that they wanted "a high school marching band" to come, they wanted "The Patriots," to use the students as some kind of pawn for their event.

    That's simply wrong.

  11. Exactly, Angie! Thank you for bringing everyone's attention back to the fundamental deception going on here.


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