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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hyperion and South Dakota Government: Maybe Not in Bed, But Having Dinner Together

Flying Tomato takes a break from the compost pile to get a strong whiff of horse manure from Hyperion and the South Dakota Board of Minerals and Environment. She's attending the public hearings on Hyperion's air pollution permit (continuing today in Elk Point, 9 a.m., high school gym). While lots of folks are speaking up to say the Hyperion deal stinks, our state officials are having dinner with the Hyperion lackeys (or wait—maybe the boys from Pierre are the lackeys). Keep an eye on Flying Tomato for more good firsthand coverage!

And Rebecca: Have fun storming the castle! :-)

1 comment:

  1. The state should be ashamed of themselves. And this is the same bunch that is telling us that they have the unbiased ability to "assess" all the possible impacts (good and bad) that the proposed refinery might bring? We are suppose to "trust" that the rest of the permitting process will do this. I'm ashamed for the state and for the citizens who are being let down in a BIG way. There is no way they can defend their position on not requiring an Environmental Impact Statement. Their claims that the "rest of the permitting process" will cover all that is a bunch of baloney!


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