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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sibby: Jerry Prostrollo a Fascist?

I think Steve Sibson just called Jerry Prostrollo a fascist:

The key element of the GOP’s fascist agenda is economic development programs that create public-private partnerships. The result is taxpayers’ money is used to pit community against community to attract business. The end result is higher profits to the business owners, and less money in the citizens pockets to buy what the business owners sell. The Governor is now honoring the movement... [Steve Sibson, "South Dakotans Honored for Supporting Fascist Agenda," SibbyOnline, 2009.04.17].

Sibson then quotes from the Madison Daily Leader's coverage of Governor Rounds's selection of Madison's Jerry Prostrollo for the Excellence in Economic Development Award.

I am at least heartened to see Mr. Sibson's equanimity in branding everyone he disagrees with fascists. I can even agree that there are some problems with the zero-sum game of pitting town against town for economic development. Consolidating wealth in the hands of owners while decreasing the puchasing power of labor... dang, Sibby! If I didn't know better, I'd say that's a Marxist critique.

Sibby and I both welcome your comments.


  1. Steve Sibson4/20/2009 12:11 PM


    It is redistribution, but to the owners of capital if approved by governemtn officials. Redistribution, no matter who is on the receiving end, is government intervention into the free market and the result is a less efficient economy.

  2. Steve Sibson4/20/2009 12:14 PM

    And Cory, government intervention is fascism no matter which political party you align yourself with.

  3. "... government intervention is fascism ..."


    Sibby ... that seems not only barbarically simplistic, but patently wrong. Fascism has a pretty specific definition in political discourse, namely (according to dictionary.com ... I'll have to dig deeper if you want an official political science definition):

    1. (sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

    I don't think we're quite to that level yet, do you?

  4. Steve Sibson4/20/2009 4:12 PM


    The items in the definition are examples of government intervention. And the post Cory links to argues the economic development through the government is a fascist agenda item. To we have complete and total fascism? No, but I have been reading BUrton Folsom's "New Deal or Raw Deal" and FDR was very much a fascist. And today, Obama the Messiah is to fix everything. He is being treated more like a dictator than a President of a Constitutional Republic with three separate and equal branches. He is nationalizing the banks, he fired teh CEO of GM, and his DHS memo agains his political opponents are all components of the definition of fascism that you provided.

  5. Well, I guess the whole concept of the social contract must be fascist, right? Even Adam Smith saw proper roles for government in intervening in the economy. Was the father of modern capitalism a fascist as well?


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