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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Parties Bipartisan? Evidence, Please....

Amusement of the night: an anonymous commenter calls me to task for calling tomorrow's little tea parties "GOP sponsored." What's so funny?
  1. [eyebrow] Anon really should hyphenate GOP-sponsored.
  2. [chuckle] I can't find where I called the tea parties "GOP-sponsored" (with or without hyphen).
  3. [snort] Anon says the tea parties are a bipartisan effort. (Republicans and Libertarians working together? Well, sort of....)
  4. [guffaw] teaparty.gop.com
DQ Blizzard for the first person who can send me verifiable info on official Democratic Party involvement in any of tomorrow's tea parties (and that doesn't count protesting).


  1. On "Dakota Midday" for April 14, there were two fellows talking about the tea parties.

    The first guy was from Spearfish, apparently a Republican. He seemed to be afraid of future tax rates more than tax levels at the present time.

    The second guy was from Milwaukee. I don't know if he was a Democrat; more likely he was a Libertarian. He objected to the use of tax dollars to fund our current war efforts.

    I believe some Democrats have taken the second view, and a few of them might be at tea parties of that "flavor," but I don't have any concrete evidence of it.

    In my opinion, these events are premature, and having them now makes the people who've organized them look a little bit silly. In four or five years, maybe more folks will sign on. I'm convinced that the effects of the recent spending spree will come around and hurt us all -- not just our children and grandchildren, but us, too, and soon.

    Not that I have any better ideas to get us out of our economic morass!

    I sympathized with the views of both of the people who appeared on "Dakota Midday," but not to the extent that I'll refuse to pay my income tax, as the second fellow advocated.

    I don't have time to go to any of the tea-party gatherings. I'm too busy working and thanking the Higher Powers for the fact that there's still a market for my labors.

  2. I'm just so happy they've trotted out Allen Unruh (who is strangely no longer referring to himself as a doctor) to trump up this ridiculous event.

    I hope he brings the Mrs.


  3. Go ahead, make fun of the tea parties. We have a right to protest reckless gov't spending. My opinion on this is if the powers that be weren't worried about the tea parties, they wouldn't be intent on attacking them, instead they would be ignoring them.

    And yes, there was a person, an Obama voter, who organized one of the tea parties. I don't know where she was from, but she was on the news. And I'm sure there are Dems attending these too. Of course the Dem party is not sponsoring these. The Rep party is not either BTW. These are organized by grassroots efforts, something that you applauded when it had to do with Obama and his campaign.

    Isntead of making fun of them, come and see what is going on.

    And I don't need a free blizzard, thank you. I can buy my own yet.

  4. Not quite the right point, Anon: I have never questioned anyone's right to have tea in the park or to engage in dissent. And while you're questioning reckless government spending, be sure to ask Dr. Unruh if his wife will be sending back all the federal dollars thrown her way for failed abstinence programs.

    And on Dems organizing tea parties: still all talk, no proof. A Blizzard awaits!

  5. The criticism of republicants having the gall to protest via taxed enough already affairs is ground in a few facts.
    1. They oversaw the most wasteful administration and 3-day work week congresses in US history.
    2. They created and oversaw an elective war and occupation.
    3. They oversee our counties which still raise property tax assessments when property values are dropping or are stagnant.
    4. They oversee a state budget that refuses to solve its systemic and structural deficit without reliance on an unpredictable, fleeting federal bailout.

    If the republicants ran a business the way they govern - the result would look like the wall street banksters and AIG.

  6. Anon... I think you're missing a big point here. This is a non-partisan protest: neither the Republican or Democratic parties are endorsing this.

    You're right, though, the Republican PARTY abandoned its principles of small government when Dubya decided to start bailing out big businesses and increase government spending. People who are fiscal conservatives (like moi) were fairly stunned. Obama taking it to the next level with continued bailouts was the "straw that broke the camel's back", as it were.

    You know, a little restraint in spending is not a bad thing. After all, we have to curb our spending when finances are tight. If we have to live within our means, why can't the federal government?

    Alexander Fraser Tytler (or was it Alexis de Tocqueville?) summed it up best...

    "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy. "

    The protest isn't against President Obama and it isn't against the Democrats. It's against what has been a reckless fiscal policy for the last nine years.

  7. http://www.foxnews.com/video-search/m/22096226/breaking-the-mold.htm" \l "q=Democrat+Attends+Tea+Party

    Listen and weep, Cory. An Obama supporter, an honest to goodness Democrat, organizing a tea party.

  8. The godfather of the teabagging - Dick Armey, was a lobbyist paid by AIG, Lehman Brothers, & Merrill Lynch. Gag on that.

  9. Hate to burst your bubble but Armey had nothing to do with these tea parties. He did show up at one of them. But he had nothing to do with organizing them, even tho that is what certain MSM would have us believe. Gag on that!

    And note again just which side is using the t___ word.

  10. How dare you mock someone as "whining"?!? THAT IS ALL YOU DO!!! Well, other than act as an advocate of humanism, progressivism, abortion rights, gay marriage, gun control, redistribution of wealth, universal health care, and calling fish... "sea kittens". (To clarify, the "sea kitten" thing is a joke. Liberals don't seem to have a sense of humor anymore. Once upon a time, it was the conservatives that always had their panties in a bunch. They publicly attacked smoking, drinking, rock and sex. But behind closed doors...) I digress.

    I have seldom agreed with you, but have always respected you... until now. You claim to advocate free speech... until that free speech turns into action... counter to your beliefs. You then try to belittle and squash it. How dare you?!? You don't seem to understand that this IS NOT a REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRAT THING! This movement is a CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT. CONSERVATISM spans most political parties! Have you ever heard of a "Blue Dog Democrat"? Statistically, there are far, far, far fewer conservative Democrats than conservative Republicans. How can you be at all suprised when some of the funding to sponsor these events comes from a Republican source?!?

    (While you LIBERALS are categorizing Endangered Species... throw CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRATS on the list! Now is a good time to throw CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS on the Threatened Species list!)

    Also, the BIGGEST issue at the Tea Parties was the SPENDING! We will have plenty of years to be mad about the taxes to repay the debt. The DEMOPUBLICANS and the REPUBLICRATS are BOTH spending us into oblivion with TARP, STIMULUS, and the BUDGET!!! They are lucky to live in a Christian nation. Under Sharia Law THIEVES GET THEIR HANDS CUT OFF!!!

    On your Blizzard Challenge... why don't you buy one for any LIBERAL who understands we live in a REPUBLIC and not a DEMOCRACY? It shouldn't cost you much more! (BTW... I see the budding CONSERVATIVE in YOU!!! Making people WORK for a TREAT!?! This isn't the lovable Cory I know! Apparently, you're a little more STINGY when the money is coming out of YOUR POCKET! But then again... YOU NEVER PLANNED ON PAYING ANYWAY!!!)

    A. Billy Susper

    Taxes were TOO DAMNED HIGH under REAGAN!!!

  11. ["local"? I'm afraid we haven't met yet, "A. Billy." Come introduce yourself sometime. Perhaps we'll both feel less inclined to shout then. ;-)]

  12. its too bad people get defensive about either of these worthless mainstream partys, the tea parties would have been a good idea if everyone had felt welcome, the focus should have been on the bank bailout which pretty much everyone disagreed with

  13. Anon, you touch on something that i was kind of wishing for from the tea parties. If the events could demonstrate some lasting power to either remake one of the existing parties or create an effective new party with a coherent political message, I'd be pleased. I'm still waiting to see that happen.


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