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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

GOP Big Tent Folding in South Dakota, Too

Mr. Powers gleefully misportrays speculation from Roll Call on the chances for the GOP to take Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's House seat if she chooses to run for governor. No one in the article "calls her seat for the GOP" as PP puts it. The only person saying anything close to that is a yakkity-yak from the National Republican Congressional Committee, the GOP propaganda wing PP has become all-too-fond of quoting extensively.

PP's twisting of reality to suit his wishes is indicative of the wound-licking woe-is-us whining of a struggling party. But better proof that the GOP doesn't have a lock on anything in 2010 is the immediately preceding PP post. The Brookings County Republican party appears to be banishing Brookings's best blogger from its hallowed hierarchical halls:

It seems as if the local Republican organization has finally had enough of me and my little red wagon as well.

I was informed that if I show up to meetings, a couple of certain others won’t because they’re still pissy that I had the gall to run for office and fall short this past year. (And, I doubt my blogging helps my situation much.) Imagine the uproar if I’d won!

So, it looks like I’m not invited to show up to the local executive board meetings anymore.

This has got to be worth a long-winded and self-righteous post at some point [Pat Powers, "I'm Not Sure If I Was Excommunicated This Afternoon, or Simply Shunned," Dakota War College, 2009.05.05].

Pat, your petty party (pity party?) bosses deserve all the wind and right you care to whump 'em with. Sounds like the Brookings Republicans are acting like national chair Michael Steele and running a dinner party, not a political party. Exclude people who have the gall to disagree with you. Shut out a vocal advocate just because he also manages to be a sensible (well, some of the time) critic. Doesn't sound like the big tent where all those independent voters will feel at home.

So Pat, feel like starting that third party? You have a better chance of winning than if you keep hanging with those fratricidal Republicans.


  1. Cory -

    If you hadn't noticed in SD (2008 state senate races, anyone?), The GOP is doing just fine, thank you very much.

    Locally I'm just dealing with simple personality defects, which I'm happy to work around.

  2. Oh yeah....

    The son of former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), he has had several conversations about the race with Herseth Sandlin.

    “If she decides to run for governor, [her House seat] would be very competitive,” Peterson said. “I think Republicans would have a decent shot of picking it up.”

  3. ...so "very competitive" = "calling her seat for the GOP"?


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