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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hunter Editorial Picks Hope over Data

Tonight's MDL features Jon Hunter reading Yankton's improved employment figures as a hopeful sign for Madison. Noting that Gehl Manufacturing called a hundred laid-off workers back to the line in April, Hunter sees hope that Gehl won't retrench further and that the manufacturing sector as a whole will improve for Madison, too.

Interestingly, our man Hunter ignores Lake County's full percentage point jump in unemployment. His editorial says nothing about local jobless figures, just promises good times ahead. Funny—I thought Republicans hated all that empty "Hope" talk.

The front page headliner on the jobless situation (just handed to me moments ago!) does give the number of unemployed (440) in Lake County, but avoids mentioning the percentage... even though the paragraph following that number is filled with percentages for the other major communities in the state.

But that's o.k. I suspect the good publisher figures everybody already got the Lake County numbers (and the alarming comparison with the apparently successful Brookings) from Lake County's best online media. Ah, the joys of cooperative community journalism.


  1. "Funny—I thought Republicans hated all that empty 'Hope' talk."

    We Red Dogs hate all empty talk. We're experts in the art of manufacturing and purveying it. That is, in large measure, why we got hammered in the last two elections.

    The only thing worse than empty talk is babble that's bursting with [bleep]. I guess all politicians are experts at that.

  2. Newspapers in general are having a tough time maintaining any loyalty or marketshare as their older subscribers die off and young families refuse to pay for subscriptions, opting for online electronic sources of news and information. The trend to internet news sources has devastated newspapers across the country. That, along with a decrease in advertising revenue for daily newspapers amounts to a black hole future of layoffs and shut downs. Perhaps Jon's editorial decision to focus only on a welcome glimmer of hope, rather than the deepening unemployment numbers in Lake County also gives himself hope that daily newspaper trends will also reverse themselves.

  3. I noticed the same thing Cory and planned to leave a comment, but you got there first which happens too often. Why is it paid newspaper staff fail to leave necessary detail in their lead story that Cory includes, and he's one guy? Jon seems more hopeful than the businessman cited on the front page. Time to hit the tip jar.

  4. Cory:

    No small town newspaper publisher ever went wrong by assuming all was well in their little Bedford Falls. It is always sweetness and light there.

    Todd Epp
    SD Watch http://www.southdakotawatch.net


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