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Thursday, May 14, 2009

LifeLight: Let the Bidding Begin!

Don't tell me I never come up with positive ideas....

Big Jesus-music-fest LifeLight is looking for new digs. Wild Water West wants to expand, chewing up LifeLight's current plot. Greener pastures will take lots of green—a couple hundred acres in Minnehaha County could cost a million bucks, money co-founder Alan Greene says God hasn't dropped into LifeLight's coffers yet.

Madison, do I smell opportunity? You bet! Look around Lake County, and I'll bet we could find some lovely half-section plots of pasture just itching for a music festival and 320,000 well-behaved, God-fearing visitors coming to town for pizza and root beer. Let's bid! Find a willing landowner, kick in a subsidy from the LAIC to cut the land price in half, and call LifeLight!

Think of it this way: suppose the LAIC puts up half a million to subsidize the land purchase. LifeLight brings a third of a million people to town, and they spend ten bucks a pop. That's three million bucks in the local economy... a sixfold return on investment in year one. Plus, bringing some good Christian music to town would nicely counterbalance the image of Madison as home to six-pack-slingin' outlaw country militia music.

Madison! The Lord is speaking! So's your pocketbook! Let's get LifeLight!


  1. Why the Hell not! Let's do this!

  2. Gerry Lange, your neighbor, has plenty of land overlooking Lake Herman. Perfect site and what a nice gesture to donate the use of that land to LifeLight.

  3. If Gerry wants to make a deal, let's go for it! But donate? I'm looking for a community investment. What's that Forward Madison money for, anyway? Let Gerry or some other landowner sell it for half price (LifeLight can do some fundraising), have LAIC reimburse the difference... and then I can rent land out for campers. :-)


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