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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Powerball Winner in Winner: Wiken to Save Schools?

I usually don't pay attention to the lottery, but holy cow! Someone in Winner bought the lone winning ticket for last night's Powerball. Jackpot: $232.1 million!

I'm betting it's Doug Wiken—he hasn't posted all morning! He's probably deciding whether he wants to give his first lottery payment to the Winner School District to make up for this year's failed opt-outs.


  1. Good News is somebody from somewhere bought a winning ticket at the Lil Feller convenience store.

    Bad news is it wasn't me. But, had it been me, besides the federal government getting a huge chunk, some education institutions would have gotten some funds with suggestions on better use of the money. There are always strings that have nothing to do with string theory.

    Lotteries are a terrible way to raise tax funds even if somebody bought one here and the Lil Feller may get $50,000... but which I am sure won't reduce the price of magazines and papers I buy there.

  2. I assumed this morning that when the state pulled the lottery machines and paper stock out of the Lil' Feller that indicated the ticket was sold there. Not so, apparently the machines were also pulled at Ampride.

    KSFY-TV is in town, but so far I haven't talked to anybody who knows who actually won or even where they won or where they are from, etc.


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